Real Grabs A Win In Real Madrid Vs Levante Match, And The Top Spot Of La Liga This Season

Real Madrid came face to face with a struggling Levante for La Liga at Santiago Bernabeu. While Real has remained unbeaten so far in the season with only wins and draws, Levante recently bagged a surprise win against Villarreal. So, for most fans of Rafael Benitez’s team, the Real Madrid vs Levante match this evening would also belong to the home team.



Levante got the match underway, right after Ronaldo appeared on the pitch, presenting his Golden Shoe to the fans, followed by a minute’s silence. The visitors settled into some early possession playing the ball around before surging forward and launching a cross into the box guarded by Danilo. In the 3rd min of the game, Juanfran slid in on Isco on the right-hand touchline, but no free kick could follow the meaty tackle. Soon, Ronaldo got brought down some 40 yards form goal, and Real Madrid took it short. But, they could not carve out an opening and Levante cleared their lines.


After about some 8 uneventful minutes, Zouhair Feddal got booked as he gave away a free kick on the left wing. Ronaldo curled up the free kick into the box, but Ruben punched it clear, and Kovacic picked up on the edge of the box, slipping in Danilo down the right. But the full-back’s cross got gobbled by Ruben.

This was followed by an appeal, as Ronaldo went down in the box under the challenge of Simao, looking to latch on to Bale’s cross, but the referee waved his appeal away to his fury. In the 18th min, Marcelo collected a looping bass and floated an inviting cross towards the back post that had Ruben in trouble. Real missed the presence of someone at the box to fire it home, though.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid Vs Levante : Cristiano Ronaldo Frustrated


In the 23rd min, Marcelo’s cross almost found Ronaldo, but Juanfran slid in to hack the ball behind and steal Real’s chance, only to be followed by a chance for Levante to have the lead, as a cross fell to Deyverson at the back post, but he failed to fire at goal. Real took the opportunity, and in the 28th min, Marcelo scored the match’s first goal, as he stole the ball in the midfield and burst forward. And before the guest team could recover from the first goal by the opponent team, Real scored yet another goal, this time Ronaldo netting the ball.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid Vs Levante – The Unbeatable Real Madrid


The incredible pace of the match continued till the first half of the Real Madrid vs Levante  match came to an end. The score card read Real Madrid 2-0 Levante.

The 2nd half started, with Lucas Vazquez replacing Bale for Real. Soon, Marcelo was seen wrapping his boot around the ball and delivering a 40 yard pass to Vasquez, who collected it effortlessly, and skipped towards the goal, only to be muscled off it. Deyverson got booked for catching Vazquez by the arms, even though it was more of a careless act than a deliberate one. In the next minute, Deverso tried to grab a chance at the opponent’s box, as Marcelo slipped, but Casemiro appeared out of nowhere to tackle it. The guest team got yet another chance, around 5 min later, and Levante seemed to be trying to push Real back, though their efforts fell through, again.

Real Madrid Vs Levante – The Mesmerizing Marcelo Got The Scoring Hug


There was a brief struggle with the possession for Real, and once again, in the 65th min, a chnce came in the way of Levante but they could not make good use of it. Navas made a good save. He had been having a good afternoon. Yet another chance came for Levante, but Deyverson sent his low shot against the body of Marcelo, and missed another opportunity to bring a significant change to the scoreboard.

CR7 And Marcelo
Real Madrid Vs Levante – CR7 And Marcelo (The Secret Handshake)


The match continued like this, as the guests struggled to make a goal, hovering in front of the opponent’s box, until, in the 81st min, a chance came in the way of Real Madrid. And they were quick to grab it, as Jese, helped by Ronaldo and Vasquez, cut into the box and flicked an effort into the far corner, scoring the 3rd goal for the host team. With 4 min remaining till the end of the math, Vasquez made a claim for a first-team place with a lively cameo, though it led to no change in the score card.

Los Blancos
Real Madrid Vs Levante – The Los Blancos Celebration


3 min were added to the match, during which Ghilas spun away from his man 25 yards out, with Navas slightly off his line and the Levante sub had the chance to end the game with a flourish but he curled his effort comfortably wide. The referee brought the game to a close. The score board read Real Madrid 3-0 Levante.

The Real Madrid vs Levante match thus came to a predictable end, with Real placed at the top of the La Liga, owing special thanks to the goals of Marcelo, Ronaldo and Jese, even though that doesn’t tell the whole story of Levante who made their way to a fair share of chances.


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