Real Madrid vs Villrreal : Real loses to home team after an uneventful  match

Real Madrid came face to face with Villarreal at El Madrigal. During their earlier confrontation earlier this year in the month of March, Real Madrid seemed to have landed themselves in a soup in their pursuit of the title, after they scraped a draw in the match. The Real Madrid vs Villarreal match began, and the home team had a decent beginning, enjoying possession.

In the 4th min of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match, the home team hit the post, and the men continued to press ahead. It was Bakambu who led the charge, and delivered a cross to Dos Santos, whose incredible attempt crashed off the inside of the opponent’s box. The attacking trio of Ronaldo-Bale-Benzema seemed to be isolated and frustrated, having barely had a single chance to touch the ball in the first few minutes of the match.

In the 8th min, Bakambu received a pass from Bruno, and sent a cross to Roberto Soldado Rillo, who sent a predatory strike, scoring the first goal of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match in favour of Villarreal. This would not have been possible without the unselfish work of Bakambu, who, instead of pursuing the box himself, sent the ball to Soldado.

Real Madrid seemed to be in a fragile situation, even though less than 15 min had passed. The minutes rolled on, and Real gradually seemed to be picking up some pace, with Pepe, Bale, etc. making some attacks. But Villarreal was not in a mood to be dominated easily, and their brought their claws out, too. Luckily for Real, the home team’s attacks did not easily lead to a change in the score.

Real Madrid Stars On  An Arial Battle
Real Madrid Stars On An Arial Battle

In the 24th min of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match, Bale opened up his stride down the right flank, and git beyond Costa to hit the byline before delivering a wonderful cross to the box, near the penalty area. A strike over the bar from Benzema was followed, within a few weeks, by a wide from Bakambu in the 28th min, as he left Pepe behind, showing incredible speed. The rest of the first half was rather uneventful, and at the end of it, the scoreboard read Villarreal 1-0 Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Amazing Volley by Cristiano Ronaldo

The 2nd half of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match began, and almost immediately, there was a close call as Bale cut in from the right wing and delivered a cross to Benzema, whose brilliant half volley just missed the mark. Again in the 49th min, a great effort by Benzema failed to hit the target and score for Real Market. A few minutes later, in the 51st min, Soldado had almost scored the second goal for the home team, when Navas made a brilliant save. The attacks and saves continued, as, in the 55th min, Bale’s powerful attempt was curbed by Areola. Even though Real’s hopes were pinned upon Bale at this moment, he was unable to bring about any change.

Real Madrid vs Villrreal
Benzema And Ronaldo Sad After The Defeat

15 min of the second half had passed, and it seemed that Soldado was eager to get to the scorecard again. The two teams locked horns, and both teams started picking up some bookings due to their desperate attempts on the field. Villarreal chose to fight on, under pressure, instead of gradually leading Real Madrid to a loss.

As it was expected, the last few minutes of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match was all about Real attacking the home team. And yet again, it failed to make any particular impact. At the end of 90 min, 2 extra minutes were added to the match, which went as uneventfully as the majority of the match. At the end of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match, the scoreboard read Villarreal 1-0 Real Madrid.