HD Highlights and Review: Real manages a draw after the incredible Real Madrid vs Valencia match

Real manages a draw after the incredible Real Madrid vs Valencia match

Real Madrid faced Valencia for yet another La Liga match of the season, this time at Mestalla. As the Real Madrid vs Valencia match began, Real took control of the possession almost immediately. The atmosphere in the stadium was wonderful, as expected, and it was clear that Valencia would need to act fast to meet the expectations of the fans who have come to the ground seeking some good action.

Real Madrid vs Valencia Match Highlights:



Marcelo drove forward for Real, but got taken Cancelo. However, Real continued to dominate, while Valencia made attempts to give a good fight. Bale and Ronaldo had a thing going in the final thirds, but Gomes challenged the Portuguese, before Valencia won a free kick deep in their own half. Just as the match crossed the 5th min, there was a chance for Real to lead, as Bale drove down the left before setting up Benzema, who, in turn, found Danilo, but his strike was over the bar.

Real Madrid vs Valencia Goals:


Alcacer went down inside the Real Madrid box, after Cancelo made an excellent pass at him, but the referee said no to spot kick, and the Los Che made an untidy challenge by forward colliding with Pepe and Navas. However, the attempt fell through. The Real Madrid vs Valencia match continued, and in the 16th century, Benzema scored the first goal of the match, with the help of Ronaldo and Bale. The match went on, with challenges, chances, injuries, and good football, and chances were thrown in every now and then.

Real Madrid vs Valencia

Cristiano Ronaldo in a hard chase with Valencia defender

Just as the first half was about to come to an end, Pepe was booked for bringing Gomes to the ground inside the box. Valencia got presented a penalty shot, and Parejo made full use of it, scoring an equalizer. The Real Madrid vs Valencia match completed its first half, the score board read Valencia 1-1 Real Madrid.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema celebrating his goal

The 2nd half of the Real Madrid vs Valencia match began with no changes on either team, and Real had a free kick right outside the box, as Barragan fell Bale. Possession was dominated by Real, and as the match continued, it seemed that Valencia were a little frazzled. In the 57th min, Barragan was booked for simulation. A few minutes later, Gomes made a super pass which was saved by Navas. Kovacic got to see the red card in the 68th min for diving into Cancelo.

Mateo Kovacic

The red card of Mateo Kovacic

During the last couple of minutes of the Real Madird vs Valencia match, Ronaldo was seen making the best efforts. With less than 10 min left of the match, Real Madrid clinched a massive goal, with Bale being responsible for changing the score in favour of his team. However, the moment of glory of a prospective win did not last long, as a minute later, Alacer score another goal for Valencia, making the score level again.

Valencia CF

Valencia players trying their best to get the home win

In the last minute of the match, Pepe rose inside the Valencia box, and the whistle was blown for an additional 3 min, and the extra minutes were extremely tense, and Real played under pressure, while Valencia continued to prevent all dangers. In fact, they even came close to a chance, but the goalkeeper of Real managed to put a stop to their efforts to grab the last goal. The incredible Real Madrid vs Valencia match came to an end, and the scoreboard read Valencia 2-2 Real Madrid.