Real walks out with a victory and a clear advantage in the Real Madrid vs Roma match

Real Madrid came face to face with Roma in the Champions League match in Rome. This is their first match with each other since their last Champions League encounter in the 2007-2008 season, when Roma won 4-2. The pressure was on Real before the Real Madrid vs Roma match began.

Real Madrid Vs  Roma : HD Highlights and Review:


The match began, and it seemed that the home team had a bright start, with Florenzi made an attempt to pick out Perotti in the box, but Navas became the hindrance. James combined with Benzema outside the Real Box, but Roma managed to clear as James ran into traffic. Ronaldo, in the 5th min, drifted to the left before he picked out Marcelo, and his cross got cleared for the first corner of the match. Florenzi went down following a challenge with Benzema, but it didn’t work out.

Real Madrid Vs  Roma : All Goals


Real Madrid gradually started to gain possession of the call, and in the 8th min, Ronaldo struck a free kick from distance, but it went wide of the post. The phase was rather messy, with Roma making a few late challenges, though they managed to escape any booking. Kroos delivered a free kick into the Roma box, but Digne steered it away with a header. In the 17th min, Roma came close to taking the lead, with Perotti poking a low pass into El Shaarawy, but his effort was a little too high. The Real Madrid vs Roma match looked like it was gradually slipping out of the visiting team’s grasp.

Roma played it rough against the visitors, with Vainqueur making three late challenges on Ronaldo. Yet, he did not receive a yellow card. The 25th min saw Salah run at great speed, but lost control at the vital moment, and Navas resumed with a goal kick. The Real Madrid vs Roma match continued to be goalless, with rather untidy work from both the teams. In the 29th min, Marcelo got challenged by Rudiger, and the referee made sure the match continued on. Marcelo tried to do his part, but the match went rather uneventfully, until in the 34th min, Marcelo came close to scoring, but his effort went wide of the Roma goal.

In the 37th min of the Real Madrid vs Roma match, Kroos dove into a challenge with Digne, but the referee was lenient again. With 3 min till the end of the first half, Carvajal made a low cross into Benema, but it didn’t lead to a change in the scorecard. Ronaldo, too, got denied by a Roma leg of his opportunity to score for his team. Varane, in the last minute, showed some good defence, and challenged El Shaarawy. At the end of the first half of the Real Madrid vs Roma, the scoreboard read Roma 0-0 Real Madrid.

The second half began, and it continued without much to report. The 51st min of the match turned out to be a controversial one, with Vainqueur used a high foot to clear a super pass from Ronaldo, as it was dropping onto James’ chest. The Real Madrid attacker looked offside. James needed to be patched up, and Real was left with 10. Another challenge, this time on Ronaldo by Manolas, was dismissed by the referee. In the 55th min, Carvajal made a tame strike, which went into the arms of Roma stopper. In the 56th min, Navas was seen putting a stop to a chance as El Shaaraway broke through on the Real Madrid goal after he showed the pace required to beat Carvajal.

In the 58th min of the Real Madrid vs Roma match, Ronaldo collected a pass from Marcelo, and cut made a great delivery, scoring the first goal of the match in favour of Real! This gave them the confidence to test their opponents. While Ronaldo and Benzema upped their game, trying to score, Varane made a late challenge on Perotti, and got booked. The fans tried their best to cheer the home team and move forward, but Roma found it hard to recover.

With about 20 min left of the match, Benzema decided to drive through the heart of Roma’s defence, but regained possession. In the   73rd min, Vainqueur made a great attempt, but Navas, managed to make a save. Ronaldo came close to scoring twice, and Benzema, once, but it didn’t work out. In the 81st min, Florenzi went down under a challenge from Carvajal, and there was a penalty shout, but dismissed it. In the 86th min of the Real Madrid vs Roma match, Ramos got booked for a pull on Salah. A minute later, Jese drove into the Roma box before firing alow effort into the bottom corner. This was the 2nd goal for Real, and a massive one, too! At the end of the 3rd half, and the additional 2 min, the scoreboard read Roma 0-2 Real Madrid. Thus, the Real Madrid vs Roma match came to an end, and the host walked out with a big advantage of the second leg for the next month.

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