Ronaldo’s hat trick helps his team grab massive win in Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match

Real Madrid came face to face with Celta Vigo for a La Liga match at Bernabeu on March 5, 2016. The host team had just bounced back from a spell of non-winning games, in their previous match, with a 3-1 victory. The Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match began amidst a lot of expectations from the fans of both teams.

Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo [Highlights]

As the match began, Real Madrid took possession of the ball, but this was nothing unexpected. Isco and Casemiro linked well in the middle of the ground, while Ronaldo tried to take advantage of an opening he found, though Planas was in place to clear for a throw-in. Wass received a great pass from Hernandez, but could not net the ball. A lot went on in terms of challenges, but there was no booking or warning. Celta continued to threaten, by the time the match reached its 10th min, with particularly energetic Aspas, while their Gomez showed great defence. In the 14th min of the Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match, an amazing chance came for Celta, with Aspas meeting a cross from the right, but his header smashed off the post, and Navas made a great save from the rebound.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Celta Vigo [Highlights]

In the 21st min of the Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match, Ruben Blanco made a superb save to stop Ronaldo, and in the next minute, he saved another close call, this time by Isco. In the 25th min, Danilo got booked for a foul on Wass. The pressure was building up, and it was seen mainly on the players of the home team. In the 29th min, Pepe got booked for dissent. Half an hour of the match had passed, and Hernandez was down after a collision with Lucas and Pepe. The match continued amidst a strange atmosphere within the stadium.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo in a chase against Celta

In the 39th min of the Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match, Aspas had a great chance to help his team take the lead, but his header hit the crossbar, and Navas was there to make a small save. In the 40th min, Gomez’s nudge brought Ronaldo to the ground, but the referee did not respond to the penalty shout by Real. Nolito from Celta got booked for a late challenge on Carvajal, followed by a great save by Blanco to keep out Casemiro. With just 3 min left before the half time, Pepe headed an Isco corner past Blanco, and scored the first goal of the match, in favour of Real. At the end of the first half, 2 min were added, after which the scoreboard read Real Madrid 1-0 Celta Vigo.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his Hat Trick

The 2nd half of the Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match began with no change on either team. Aspas seemed to have brought his challenging attitude to 2nd half, too. However, things did not turn in favour of the guests. In the 50th min, Ronaldo made a sensational strike, and sent the ball past Blanco to score the 2n goal for Real. As the match went on, Celta seemed to be losing out on possession. In the 58th min, Ronaldo made yet another strike that sent the ball straight to the opponent’s box, thus scoring the 3rd goal for the home team! It seemed that the fate of the match had been sealed, until Celtic decided to take their fight to the next level, as Aspas sent the ball into the host’s box, scoring the first goal for the visitors in the 62nd min, after Ronaldo’s strike hit the crossbar. But, Ronaldo decided to avenge the goal with his hat trick, as he scored the 4th goal for his team!

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale celebrating his goal

Changes were brought to both the teams at this point of the Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match, and the game continued at a fast, action-packed mode, with half-chances, great play, and excitement among the watchers. And then within a matter of a minute or two, Real Madrid had 2 more goals scored in their favour, one by Ronaldo and the other by Jese. The result of the match did not require predictions any more. And as if that was not enough, the 81st min of the match saw yet another goal in Real’s favour, this time scored by Bale who marked his comeback with a bang. The hosts showed no intention to stop!

Real Madrid
Real Madrid celebrating their La Liga victory

Celta fell apart badly in the 2nd 45 mins, and Real took full advantage of that. It seemed that with just 5 min left of the Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match, the hosts were still looking to score. As they neared the end, they maintained possession of the ball. Even after the 90 min came to an end, Real put pressure on the guest team with a couple of late corners in the additional 2 min. The final score of the the Real Madrid vs Celta Vigo match stood at Real Madrid 7-1 Celta Vigo. It was a massive win for Real, as they got moved to within a 1-point difference with second-place holder Atletico Madrid.