HD Highlights and Review: Ronaldo’s hat trick helps Real clinch a clean sweep in the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match

Ronaldo’s hat trick helps Real clinch a clean sweep in the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match

Real Madrid came face to face with Espanyol in a La Liga match at Bernabeu. Real Madrid was at the 3rd position on the table, while Espanyol had been without a win all season. The Real Madrid vs Espanyol match began amidst expectations of the fans.

Real Madrid Vs Espanyol [Highlights]



As soon as the match began, Real Madrid took control of the possession, and Marcelo found himself inside the opponent’s box in the 2nd min of the match. However, his effort went over the crossbar, and the chance fell through only to be followed by a strike by Ronaldo, but, this, too, faced a great save. Espanyol struggled to find their game, and in the 6th min, Isco made another attempt to net the ball, only to go wide off the post. The next min, it was Benzema’s turn, but this time, it actually worked, as he heads the ball right into the box. First goal for the hosts in the 7th min of the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match. Having taken lead, Real’s confidence reached a new high, while Espanyol tried to up the game.

Real Madrid Vs Espanyol [All Goals]



In the 11th min, Roco brought Ronaldo to the ground, earning Real Madrid a pealty shot, which was attempted by Ronaldo. And, he made no mistake in sending his team ahead by one more goal in the 12th min. This was followed by the booking of Espanyol’s Perez for dissent, and Real Madrid’d 3rd goal, this time shot by James. Real Madrid meant business, and it was visible from the way they handled the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema on an aerial attack

The game continued, and Benzema tried to make another strike in the 24th min after receiving a smart pass from Ronaldo, but his efforts fell through. With the first half an hour of the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match drawing closer, Espanyol enjoyed possession briefly, but it was again taken over by Real. In the 36th min, Carvajal, Ronaldo and James did their best to score again. The pressure on Espanyol was evident. In the 37th min, Diop was booked for a late challenge on Kroos.

Real Madrid vs Espanyol

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal

Espanyol also enjoyed a half-chance that fell through, and this was the best they did in the first half of the game. Sylla got booked for a poor challenge on James in the 43rd min. The first half ended with an eventful last min, as a chance came Espanyol’s way, to be saved by Navas, and then, Ronaldo sealing the deal with the 4th goal of the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match. After an additional minute during which Ronaldo was stunning, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 4-0 Espanyol.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo showing his immense skill

The match began again, and the possession again went to Real Madrid pretty soon. However, it was far less eventful. The only things that happened in the first 15 min were Roco attempting a header but sending it wide off, Navas keeping out a strike from Fuentes, and Isco curling one toward the top corner, only to see his effort fall through. In the 62nd min of the Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, Ronaldo sent a strike to Benzema who took it head on, but it didn’t not lead to any change on the scoreboard. Yet another chance came Real’s way, as Ronaldo set Benzema up, but again, there was no goal. Navas made a superb save as Jordan tried to score in the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid vs Espanyol

In the 75th min of the match, Sylla’s effort got clocked by Ramos, while 2 min later, Alvaro got booked for a late challenge on Jese. Ronaldo was again seen standing over a free kick outside the box. With less than 10 min to go till the end of the match, Ronaldo’s constant efforts resulted in a change on the scoreboard, and this was Real’s 5th goal. The excitement and pressure caught up with Real, too, as the match slowly grew closer to its end. Casemiro got booked for a late challenge on Abraham. But, Real was unstoppable – 4 min before the final whistle of the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match, O Duarte OG scored the 6th goal for the Spanish team! Real continued to enjoy possession even in the last few minutes.

At the end of the Real Madrid vs Espanyol match, 2 min were added. The final numbers on the scoreboard read Real Madrid 6-0 Espanyol. With Ronaldo making a hat trick in the match, Real enjoyed a clean sweep against Espanyol.