Zidane unhappy after a nail-biting Real Madrid vs Real Betis match ends in draw

Real Madrid came face to face with Real Betis in the La Liga match held at Seville. Before the match, Real was at the 3rd position on the list, with a drastic improvement since Zidane joined them as the new coach. In their last two matches against Betis, the Spanish giants had won 5-0. With Ramos off the team, however, the question was how well they would handle the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match, especially because of their patchy away score this season.

Real Madrid vs Real Betis [Highlights]


The match went underway, and Real soon took control of the possession. Isco, Modric and Kroos exchanged passes in the middle of the park. In the 5th min of the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match, Betis forced the first corner, bringing jubilations to the crowd. Real seemed rather uncomfortable, as Varane missed a cross from the left. However, Pepe appeared to clear. Ronaldo picked possession in the wide area, and got largely jeered at by the crowd. Adrian stuck one from close range in the 8th min, and almost scored, but Navas got down to make a save. But the ball was not cleared, and Castro sent it to Cejudo, who hammered one into the top corner, leaving Navas no chance to save the first goal of Betis for the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match!

Real Madrid vs Real Betis [All Goals]


As the minutes went by, the pace of the match continued to be fast and exciting, keeping the people biting their nails. Real enjoyed a few moments of possession, but Betis soon took over. In the 15th min, Ronaldo, Marcelo and Benzema continued to do their bit to level the score, but Betis faced the challenge head on. The minutes rolled by, and in the 22nd min, a half chance came in the way of Real, but Danilo’s effort was blocked by Adan. In the 33rd min, a chance came Ronaldo’s way as Benzema set up his attacking partner in the opponent’s box, but their efforts fell through. The same happened to yet another chance that came to Pepe whose header missed the target.

Cristiano Ronaldo jump
Ronaldo jumping off the boundary to get the ball

The Real Madrid vs Real Betis match had started to frustrate Real. In the 35th min, Benzema went down inside the Betis box, when he faced a challenge from Petros, but the referee chose to ignore Real’s shout for penalty. The match continued, and nothing eventful took place till the half time of the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match. At the end of the additional 1 min, during which Bruno got up to meet a free kick from Cejudo, the scorecard read Real Betis 1-0 Real Madrid.

The 2nd half of the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match began, with speculations regarding whether or not this would be Zidane’s first loss as a coach. Benzema and Marcelo seemed to be playing with renewed energy, and made attempts to net the ball, but each time, the ball went wide off the mark. In the 49th min of the match, Real had a dangerously close call, with Ronaldo and Benzema making an attempt, but Benzema’s shot went over the crossbar, after the first attempt was saved by Adan.

Real Madrid vs Real Betis
Benzema celebrating his amazing goal

The crowd continued to boo at Ronaldo, and the psychological warfare between Real’s star and the fans of Betis went on. In the 61st min of the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match, Petro got booked for a foul on Isco. 2 min later, Danilo sent a super cross to Ronaldo, but Molinero managed to clear the ganger with a super challenge, while Ronaldo got flagged offside. With 25 min left of the game, Modric made a wonderful attempt of sending a delivery to Ronaldo, but his effort into the air was claimed by Adan. Danilo got booked for a late challenge on Ceballos.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo showing his frustration after a chase

In the 69th min of the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match, Molinero got booked for a foul on Modric. Soon, Marcelo found Carvajal inside the Betis box, and his effort went wide off the post. Kroos was then seen making a pass into James, who squared for Benzema, and the leveller was scored by Benzema! With only about 15 min left of the match, anything was possible. In the 79th min, Adan made two superb saves, and proved to be quite sensational. Meanwhile Ronaldo continued to make his efforts to score one for the team, while Carvajal kept making runs down the right.

Luka Modric
Luka Modric in a chase with Betis

The last few minutes of the Real Madrid vs Real Betis match were packed with energy and action, especially by Ronaldo, Isco and Pepe. At the end of 90 min, 4 extra min got added, during which Real, fought on. Carvajal got booked for dissent. After the aggressive final minutes of the game, the match finally came to an end. The scoreboard read Real Betis 1-1 Real Madrid. While the crowd celebrated the draw like a victory, Zidane walked out, clearly disappointed with the outcome, even though Real played in a difficult ground, for which the team deserves credit.

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