HD Highlights & Match Report : Real Took Down Home Team After An Excellent Fight In The Real Madrid vs Bilbao La Liga 2015 Match

Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao came face to face for their La Liga match at San Mames on September 23, 2015 on Real Madrid vs Bilbao. With 10 points for Real Madrid from their four league games, and a disappointing start for Bilbao which includes their defeat to Barcelona, the match predictions for the Real Madrid vs Bilbao La Liga 2015 match went in favour of Real, though it was expected that this would be a tough match. As expected, the away side took control of the ball within minutes since the start of the match, with Varane and Pepe getting several touches at the back.



However, Real Madrid vs Bilbao was the home team that came close to its first chance in the match, as Aduriz burst into the guest team’s box, but Varane came up with a wonderful challenge at lightning pace. After that, Ronaldo drove down the left before delivering a cross towards Isco, thus giving his team a half chance. But his attempt fell through as Benzema took it off the head of the Spaniard. A few minutes later, Real Madrid had another half-chance, but the attempt was deflected off the post.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid Vs Athletic Bilbao: Cristiano Ronaldo showing magic


Ronaldo made an attempt to run Etxeita down the Bilbao right at Real Madrid vs Bilbao, but the defender stood strong. Bilbao, on the other hand, managed to break down the other end with Susaeta, but met with a dead ball. The fight was strong, as Bilbao knew exactly how to tackle and threat Real on the home ground. As the match continued, Real came close to chances, until they finally grabbed onto one, and turned it into a goal, as Ronaldo kicked the ball into the host team’s box.

Chances kept pouring in for Real, and the pressure on the home team became quite obvious. After about 15 more minutes of strong battle, the first half came to an end, with an additional 1 min being played, after which the score board read Bilbao 0-1 Real Madrid.

Karim Benzema
Real Madrid Vs Athletic Bilbao: Karim Benzema celebrating his goal


The second half of Real Madrid vs Bilbao seemed to be a bright start for the host team, with Susaeta and De Marcos combining a wide area, though De Marcos’ cross was cleared by Varane. In the 52nd min of the match, Ronaldo got booked for dissent. The tension that had built up by this time started showing, as both the teams kept losing temper, and it became important for the referee to settle things. Not even 5 min had passed since the booking of Ronaldo, and Pepe got booked for a late challenge on Garcia. Bilbao seemed to have upped their game, as they continued to possess the ball.

CR7 Vs Bilbao
Real Madrid Vs Athletic Bilbao: CR7 in a battle against Bilbao


With about 30 min still left for the game to come to an end, Bilbao had a strong shout for a penalty as Aduriz’s goal-bound attempt was blocked by Pepe, but the referee said that it was not with his hands, thus aggravating the fans. Soon, Bilbao’s Benat got booked for a late challenge on Isco, followed by De Marcos for a poor challenge on Modric. But finally, all the frustration of the home team got translated into a change in their score, as Sabin scored for Bilbao. Meanwhile, the two teams started playing dirty and continued to fly into late challenges, but the referee was quick to reach the scene.

Los Blancos
Real Madrid Vs Athletic Bilbao: The White Brigade celebrate their victory


With 20 min left till the end, Real scored its second goal for the evening, with Benzema netting the ball. Kroos from Real Madrid got booked for a handball, while Gomez from the home team was booked for a late challenge on Carvajal. Ronaldo went alone in the 85th min, but his effort did not pay. In the last min of the game, Navas made a wonderful save as Garcia tried to kick the ball into the net. Before the 2nd half came to an end, Garcia got booked for a tug on Jese. 3 additional min were played, during which no significant change was seen, after which the energetic Real Madrid vs Bilbao La Liga 2015 match came to an end.

Thus, Real Madrid once again clinched victory, as they took the home team down with 2 goals, leaving the scorecard reading Bilbao 2-1 Real Madrid.