Los Blancos Clinches Another Victory In Real Madrid vs Malmo Champions League Game

Real Madrid came face to face with Malmo FC during the Champions League 2015, marking their first match against a Swedish team. The Real Madrid vs Malmo match was held at the Swedbank Stadion, and as it strted, Real Madrid pounced upon the ball almost immediately, with Isco making the first attempt of the night, and he ended up latched on to a loose ball outside the box, as he drilled in a low shot, but he managed to scuff it well wide off of the target.

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By the time the first 5 min of the match had been played, Real seemed to be well on top, with plenty of action well into the opponent’s half. The pressure on the host team was obvious, and they managed to work two chances on the guest team’s goal, though without any change in the scoreboard. In the 11th min, Kovacic picked up an early booking, after he brought down Tinnerholm.

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Even though the host team had closed the path for Ronaldo and Benzema, they could not be stopped for too long, and in the 16th min, they came to life. They both attacked the opponent team’s ox, but there were two good saves. 21 min into the game, and the 2nd yellow card of the night came out, this time for Malmo, as Rosenberg barged Casemiro to the ground, and got booked.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid Vs Malmo FF : Cristiano Ronaldo making history


In the 29th min of the match, its first goal was scored, as Ronaldo netted the ball, tearing down Malmo’s defensive play. A few minutes later, Berget got booked for a late challenge on Carvajal, followed by Casemiro’s booking, after rough-handling Djurdjic. As the match neared its half time, Real kept its hold on the ball, and Ronaldo was particularly on fire. However, his free kick was blocked nicely, and a minute later, the first half of the Real Madrid vs Malmo match came to an end, with the score card reading Malmo 0-1 Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid Vs Malmo FF: Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrating His Goal


Malco kicked off the second half of the Real Madrid vs Malmo match, and got the cation back underway. The second half continued to see the same trend as that of the first half, with Real in control of the ball. As a few minutes went by, it was Benzema who started showing great skill down the right, before he whipped in a cross to Isco on the edge of the box. He then chested it down for the arriving Kovacic, who fired in a powerful low drive that skidded a few inches wide off the post.

Real Madrid Vs Malmo FF
Real Madrid Vs Malmo FF : Ronaldo receiving the ball


Ronaldo got another chance to threaten the opponent team, and he fired a powerful strike as a free kick from around 25 yards, but it only met with disappointment. With about half an hour left of the game, the pressure on the host team was visibly cranked up, but thy tried to meet it with good efforts, and with 20 min left of the match, it almost seemed that Malmo might as well get the score even. 74 min into the game, and Malmo even came close to a chance to do just that, but Rosenberg’s head went off the mark.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid Vs Malmo FF : Cristiano in a victory run


A minute later, Isco became the 6th player of the match to get booked, this time for a foul on Tinnerholm. But that was not all for the evening. Malmo got a red card as Yotun is shown his 2ns yellow card for bringing down Vazquez, and had to be pulled off the field. With that, Malmo’s dream of snatching a point broke to pieces, as well. Followed by this, Ronaldo almost scored a goal, only to have his strike saved by Wiland who read the ball well enough to keep it over the bar. With about 5 min remaining of the game, another one of Ronaldo’s superb strikes was aved by Wiland, without whom, Ronaldo would have perhaps have scored a hat trick in the match.

UEFA Champions League
Real Madrid Vs Malmo FF : Ronaldo shining the UEFA Champions League


In the 88th min of UEFA Champions League, Real make another close attack, and a minute later, they managed to net the ball, with Ronaldo being the striker, as he simply slotted Casemiro’s low cross. In the last minute of the game, Real thus made the match safe for themselves. As the 90 min of the match came to an end, another 3 min were added, during which no significant change was brought to the match. Thus, at the end of the Real Madrid vs Malmo match, in which Real ruled for the majority of the game, the guest team walked away with the victory. The final score card read Malmo 0-2 Real Madrid.