Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano

Real Madrid faced Rayo Vallecano in a La Liga clash at the Benabeu on December 20, 2015. Before the Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano match, Real was left at the third position in the table, after their 1-0 victory against Villarreal. Rayo, on the other hand, was without a win. Naturally, pressure was on both the teams, as they both entered the field for the face-off.

Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano

The match began, and as it was expected, the home team took control of the possession almost immediately. As the first couple of minutes passed by, Ramos and Navas exchanged passes before the ball was fed to the middle of the park, and Marcelo released Ronaldo down the left. But Tito just did enough to poke the ball back to Yoel. In the 4th min, Bale played Danilo who found a route under Yoel from inside the box. Rayo were too far up the pitch to stop Danilo from scoring the first goal of the Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano. Rayo immediately broke down the other end with Hernandez who flashed a low cross into the box, but Navas was on hand to claim.

Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano (Goals)

It was evident that Rayo would not let go easily. Real maintained an incredible pace on the counter, with Bale looking to be in mood. And Since Rayo was not in a position to afford a second, they gave it their best. In the 10th min of the Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano match, after being on the front foot for some time, finally managed to strike a leveller, with Amaya scoring a simple goal. 3 min later, Rayo turned up the game, as Jozabed scored the second goal for Rayo.

Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano

In the 14th min, Navas managed n incredible save of a strike by Jozabed, and this was followed by a red card show to Tito for flying into a challenge with Kroos, and giving an awful tackle. It seemed that the team had gotten over-excited, as Trashorras also got booked, and a clash followed. The match continued, and in the 24th min, Ramos alone, headed over the crossbar from a corner. Danilo then raced down the right and delivered a super cross to Bale, who tucked it home from close range. It was the second goal for the home team!


In the 28th min, Baena faced his second yellow card of the match, and reduced his team to 9 players, while a penalty was given to Real. They took advantage of it, and scored their 3rd goal, and it was Ronaldo who made the strike. As the first half of the Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallarreal match came closer to its close, there was a half-chance for the home side, followed by Bale collecting the 4th goal for Real Madrid! The first half came to an end after an additional 3 min, after which, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 4-2 Rayo Vallecano.


The second half of the Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano began, and 3 min into it, Real changed the score card again, with Benzema scoring yet another goal for the home team. It seemed that the home team was after the 6th, while Yoel went after Ronaldo. But, Real was unstoppable. Ronaldo went ahead and netted the ball for his team yet again. With more than half an hour left till the end of the match, Rayo’s fate had already been sealed. As the 9 remaining men continued to fight, Bale hit his hat trick, scoring the 7th goal for Real Madrid, in the 61st min. 10 min and a half-chance later, Bale scored the 8th goal for the home team. With about 11 min left till the end of the match, Benzema created yet another embarrassing moment for the guests, scoring yet another goal.


Even during the last few minutes of the Real Madrid vs Rayo Vallecano match, Ronaldo continued to frequent the opponent’s box. Right in the last minute of the match, Benzema scored his hat trick, which contributed to the 10th goal for Real Madrid. 3 extra minutes were added to the second half, and after what seemed like a never-ending saga of goals by the home team, Real gained a clean victory, with the score board reading Real Madrid 10-2 Rayo Vallecano, and became the first La Liga team to score 10 goals since 1969. After this win, Real is now just two points behind league leader Barcelona.

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