HD Highlights and Review: Real gains victory over fierce opponents in the Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao match

Real Madrid faced Athletic Bilbao at the La Liga match in Bilbao. Before the match, Real had 6 victories in their previous 8 matches, and a victory in this match would put them at a difference of just 1 point with the leading team, Barcelona. Bilbao, on the other hand, entered the match knowing that a victory in the Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao match would put them in the 5th position, above Sevilla.

Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao – HD Highlights

The match began, as it was expected, Real captured the possession almost immediately, so much so that in the 3rd min of the match, Real managed to score its first goal! As Benzema slid a pass into Ronaldo, he fired one into the top corner, with a great finish. This was definitely not a good start for the visiting team, but they tried their best to pick up pace. They even started to do well as the minutes went by. Perhaps the early goal had made Real a little too confident, or pushed the visitors; whatever be the reason, it brought some good chances for Bilbao. In the 10th min if the Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao match, Eraso tapped home from close range, scoring an equalizer!

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo in a hard chase with Athletic defender

The two teams locked horns, an in the 14th min, Etxeita got booked for a late challenge on Ronaldo, who took the resulting free kick, but his effort moved wide off the post. Varane again booked in the 16th min for a late challenge on Aduriz. The Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao match continued at a fast pace. In the 20th min, Navas made an amazing save, as Aduriz made an amazing strike. 5 min later, the action was shifted to the opponent’s box, and Iraizoz was seen saving a close range header by Danilo.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid celebrating their success

As the match reached the first half an hour, Aduriz made a low cross, and it was almost a goal! But, Bilbao missed by a hair, as the ball hit the crossbar. Ronaldo seemed to be giving his best shot, as he handled 2 defenders, and found his space down the left, making a delivery into James inside the opponent’s box, but Laporte blocked his strike. A few minutes later, Adruiz sent a superb delivery to De Marcos, but his effort went wide off the post. It ultimately, it was Real who regained the lead, as James netted the ball in the 37th min. Although a half chance came for Bilbao in the 40th min, their Balenziaga got booked for a late challenge on James. In the last minute before the half time, Ronaldo poked the ball into Kroos, who in turn fired it past the opponent’s stopper, scoring the 3rd goal for the team! After 2 additional minutes during which there was no significant change, the first half of the Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao match came to its close, with the scoreboard reading Real Madrid 3-1 Athletic Bilbao.

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal

The second half began, and in the 52nd min, Real gained a free kick outside the box as De Marcos felled Marcos. But, Ronaldo struck straight into the wall. The fact was that, the fate of the match had already been sealed in the first half, and it would take great effort and confidence for the visitors to make a recovery. Of course, they did the best they could, with Bilbao getting a half-chance in the 55th min, but, Navas blocked the effort from Balenziaga. It was an action-packed match, with chances, crossbars, saves, bookings and subs. Ronaldo, Carvajal, James and Modric maintained the heat, while Navas, as usual, maintained a strong guard.

La Liga
Real Madrid celebrating their La Liga success

In the 83rd min of the Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao match, Bilbao got reduced to 10 men, as Varane saw his second yellow card, and got thrown out of the match. And to make things worse, Ronaldo, in the 87th min, collected a cross from Lucas, and found the back of the net, to score the 4th goal for Real! Even though this was a harsh blow near the end of the match, Bilbao decided to go out with their head held high; in the 90th min, Elustodo headed a superb De marcos cross, and scored the 2nd goal for the guests. After 2 additional min, the Real Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao match came to a close. The scorecard read Real Madrid 4-2 Athletic Bilbao. The victory put Real just a point behind Barcelona, but Bilbao went out with a fierce reply.

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