Los Blancos beats a good effort by visitors in the Real Madrid vs Valencia match

Real Madrid came face to face with Valencia on March 8 at the Santiago Bernabeu. With the title race still wide open for Real, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, Los Blancos were under severe pressure in the Real Madrid vs Valencia match.

The match began, and Real seemed to be all set to take over the game early in the match. Ronaldo attempted to latch on to a loose ball behind the defence, but Mustafi was on hand to make the interception. In the 5th min, Vazquez collected a throw-in to feet deep down the right wing before attempting to take on Siqueira at left-back, only to be forced to retreat. Danilo picked up the pass and delivered it back inside Madrid.

Real Madrid vs Valencia [Highlights]


The Real Madrid vs Valencia match continues, without much to report, with Casemiro and Casilla creating some memorable moments with their moves. As the match reached its 13th min, Perez saw a yellow card for forcefully coming through the back of Rodriguez. A great bit of movement was seen from Alcacer after a couple of minutes, as he latched on to a penetrating pass into the box from Cancelo, but his delivery didn’t trouble the keeper. By the time the match entered the 17th min, Valencia seemed to have picked up pace, as they enjoyed more possession.

Real Madrid vs Valencia [All Goals]


In the 19th min of the match, a superb interception was seen from Abdennouri, as he deputized for Carvajal, and made his way down the right touchline, eventually attempting to pick out Ronaldo, but his effort fell through. Rodrigo won the ball back for his team inside the Valencia half, and attempted to catalyse a counter for the visitors with a run down the left wing, and left Danilo for dead, but it resulted in no change of score. In the 26th min of the Real Madrid vs Valencia match, Marcelo moved into space down the left channel, and passed neatly into the feet of Ronaldo who, in turn, sent the ball into the visitors’ box, scoring the first goal for Real Madrid!

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo on his impeccable skills

As the match reached half an hour, a chance came for Real, as Danilo marauded down the right flank, but his effort fell through. As James received the ball and passed it to Vazquez, a miscommunication between the Real players led to a good defence by Valencia. Alcacer ran through on goal one-on-one with the keeper, but, instead of shooting, passed sideways to Parejo, who wasn’t ready. The ball went to Cancelo, but his attempt hit the crossbar.

James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez trying to get past Valencia defenders

In the 39th min, Siqueira received a yellow card, and as the Real Madrid vs Valencia match reached its 42nd min, Alves made an amazing save to block Benzema, and the ball came back to Benzema, who sent the ball to the bottom corner! Even though the shot was initially called for offside, it was overruled by the referee, thus giving real Madrid the second goal! This was followed by a yellow card for Andre Gomes, and the reason remained unclear. The Real Madrid vs Valencia match came to the end of the first half, and the scoreboard read Real Madrid 2-0 Valencia.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo showing his marvelous striking skills

The second half began, and within 5 min, the teams picked pace. Diego Alves made a great save, as he blocked Benzema’s delivery. As a couple minutes passed by, Casemiro got booked for coming right through the back of Alcacer, earning the opponents a free-kick opportunity. Parejo hit a good free-kick over the Madrid wall, but it hit the crossbar. In the 55th min, Varane attempted to clear the ball at the front post, and the possession went to Rodrigo, who took advantage of the chance, and sent it straight to the top right corner of the home team’s box! Valencia’s first goal set the environment tense!

Lucas Vazquez
Vazquez celebrating Real’s victory with Cristiano Ronaldo

In the 57th min, Diego Alves made a save to block Vazquez. Within a couple of minutes of the Real Madrid vs Valencia match, James threaded a pass for Ronaldo, who sent the ball into the guest box, avenging the Valencia goal! With about half an hour left of the match, Casilla made an amazing save to block Parejo. In the 67th min, Ronaldo made an attempt to claim his hat trick, but his subsequent strike went to hit the side-netting. In the 69th min, Javi Fuego got booked for a cynical challenge on Vazquez. Casilla showed some amazing goalkeeping skills.

Arbeloa Tribute
Real Madrid teammates giving tribute to Arbeloa

The Real Madrid vs Valencia match continued, and it got more and more tense. In the 81st min of the match,Andre Gomes received the ball from Parejo and guided a stunning shot into the home team’s box, scoring yet another goal for the visitors. Within 2 min, Rodrigo got shown a red card by the referee, after he received the ball to feet from a throw-in with absolutely nobody surrounding him. Valencia enjoyed possession for that last few minutes of the match, but at the end of the 90 min and the additional minute, the match came to an end, with the scoreboard reading Real Madrid 3-2 Valencia. The guest team tried to recover in the last minutes, but Real’s 3 goals were enough to save them in this match.