HD Highlights and Review: Real manages to hold 3rd spot on table after a close call in the Real Madrid vs Granada match

Real manages to hold 3rd spot on table after a close call in the Real Madrid vs Granada match

Real Madrid had a clash with Granada for a La Liga match at Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes. Before the match, Real Madrid stood at the 3rd position, as one of the top contenders of the season, while Granada, having lost 3 of their 4 previous matches, were in the relegation zone. Real had also grabbed 5 of the previous Real Madrid vs Granada match wins. The game, however, failed to bring in a big crowd.

Real Madrid vs Granada [Highlights]



The match began amidst a good atmosphere, and the match picked up pace within the first few minutes of the game, as the two teams battled for possession. Isco managed to break down the left, and cut a pass back to James, but faced Costa who cleared down-field. In the 6th min, Varane attempted to carry the ball forward for the visitors, but his attempt fell through. In the 8th min of the Real Madrid vs Granada match, a chance came for real, as Carvajal picked out Benzema with a super cross from the right, but the in-form striker’s over-head kick was wide.

Real Madrid vs Granada [Goals]


The match continued, with the hosts displaying full energy, and in the 11th min, Penaranda had the ball in the back of the net for Granada, but the striker was offside. In the 14th min, there was yet another chance, for Real Madrid, with Ronaldo breaking through on the opponent’s goal, but is strike was wide off the net from such a tight angle. Meanwhile, Granada continued to create problems in the final third with their pace and movement. In the 17th min of the Real Madrid vs Granada match, a chance came for the host team, but Success’ strike was wide off the mark. Another chance came in the way of the hosts in the 24th min, with great defence by Lomban. But Ronaldo looked sensationally ready for a convert.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo in a battle against Granada Goalie

Minutes went by, and the first half an hour of the Real Madrid vs Granada match drew to its close. As Carvajal found space down the right before crossing into Benzema, who turned the ball home from close range, and the first goal of the match was thus scored, for Real Madrid! 2 min later, Perez got booked for a late challenge on James. The match continued, and the players from both the teams continued to give their best until the closing of the first half, at the end of which, the score board read Granada 0-1 Real Madrid.

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez with a chase against Granada defense

The second half of the Real Madrid vs Granada match began, and within 2 min, a half-chance came for the home side, with Success making use of a poor mistake by Marcelo before driving into the guest’s box. But the effort was deflected. A couple of minutes later, Navas makes a great save, stopping a header from Barral, with Levante threatening again. In the 49th min, Fernandez made a great save as Modric make an excellent strike. The second half continued, and a chance came for Real in the 55th min, and then again in the 57th min. But the 61st min of the match turned out to be game-changer, as El Arabi, who had replaced Barral just a few minutes before, converted under Navas after a super pass from Rochita; the place exploded as he scored the equalizer.

Dani Carvaja

Dani Carvajal in an ariel battle with defenders

As the real Madrid vs Granada match went on, it seemed hard to tell if Real would be able to recover, because they obviously couldn’t afford to lose points. The guests continued to make the best efforts, but it just didn’t seem to be their day, especially for Ronaldo. In the 72nd min, a nail-biting moment came for Real, as El Arabi netted the ball, but it turned out to be from the offside, and the goal was disallowed. A half-chance came in the way of the home team in the 77th min, but it fell through.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid celebrating their success

The pressure on Real Madrid started showing. And in the 83rd min, Carvajal was booked for a tug on Rochina. 2 min later, Modric found a yard of space outside box, and took advantage of it, scoring the 2nd goal for Real Madrid, and breaking the Granada hearts in the process. The 2nd half came to an end, and 3 extra minutes were added, during which no particular change came to the match or its score. As the Real Madrid vs Granada match came to an end, the scorecard read Granada 1-2 Real Madrid. Real, overcoming a close call, managed to secure all the points they needed to move to within one point from Atletico which stands in the second place, and four from Barcelona.