HD Highlights & Review: Real Puts Great Efforts Against Home Team And Walks Out With A Draw In The Real Madrid vs Atletico Match of La Liga 2015

Real Puts Great Efforts Against Home Team And Walks Out With A Draw In The Real Madrid vs Atletico Match of La Liga 2015

Atletico Madrid welcomed Real Madrid for yet another match of the La Liga, from the Spanish capital. The two teams came face to face for the much anticipated Real Madrid vs Atletico match of La Liga 2015, because victory in this match would put Real Madrid to the top of the table, after Villarreal’s loss at Levante earlier.

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Real made itself prominent amidst the sea of red, white and blue, from the word, go. But the home team took advantage, and came close to a half-chance as Luis broke down the left. But, Correa could only fire his low cross wide of the post. Not even 10 minutes of the game had passed, and Atletico’s defence came under pressure. 9 min into the game, and Benzema helped Real taste its first blood for the match! The visitors did not lose time to score their first and take the lead.


Real fans, by this time, had started making immense noise, but the home team took the ball pretty well. As the one-man operation of Correa went on for Atletico, Real took on a more threatening approach, as Ronaldo took control in a wide position. His pass had too much pace though, and while it was directed towards Isco, Casemiro protected it. 17 min into the game and Atletico’s Gabi got booked for a late challenge on Benzema.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid: CR7 in action

Real continued to dominate the possession, and at the end of a rather fast 20 min, Ramos from Real Madrid got booked, while Atletico had a penalty as the Spaniard brought Tiago to the ground inside the box. Navas made a good save, and stopped the opponent from making good use of the penalty. The match continued with such a high spirit, and with little over 10 min left till the first half, Ronaldo got his first chance. But he could only first over the crossbar from inside the box in what was clearly not one of his best moves. This was followed by Torres making his best efforts in the box, but the offside flag got raised.


Cristiano Ronaldo Karim Benzema

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid: Ronaldo And Benzema

6 min before half time, Real got a free kick, and Ronaldo was at the ball, but he couldn’t make the strike. The match continued till the first half came to an end, and after 1 additional min, the scoreboard read Atletico 0-1 Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo in full swing


As the second half started, Carrasco replaced Oliver in the 46th min. The first chance of the second half fell to the feet of the home team, as Correa slid a wonderful pass into Torres, but the strike went wide off the post. 53 min into the match and Real got another chance to score a second, but Isco could not find Ramos or Ronaldo who wanted more protection from the referee after a strong challenge from Gimenez. The lively pace of the patch continues, and in the 59th min, Juanfran from the host team got booked for a late challenge on Ramos. A minute later, Varane from Real Madrid got booked for a heavy tackle on Luis.

Karim Benzema

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid: Benzema executing a marvelous header


 About 10 min were left of the match, and Atletico continued to pass and probe, but the miss a chance as Carrasco hit the side netting from a wide angle. Real Madrid continued to hold on to the ball, thus frustrating the home team and its fans. The match continued at a brisk pace, and there were some substitutions for the teams, a half chance for Real, and the booking of Atletico’s Vietto and Griezmann, both for late challenges on Modric, on separate occasions, about 4 min apart.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid Vs Atletico Madrid: The celebration


And then, it happened: Atletico’s Vietto struck a goal, and made the score even! The stadium erupted, and the excitement and thrill in the air was palpable. Pressure was on both the teams, as Godin and Arbeloa from the host and the guest teams respectively for late challenges. 3 min got added to the match time after the whistle blew for the end of the match. Except for a good save by Navas, no other significant change happened. At the end of the match, the score card read Atletico 1-1 Real Madrid. Real’s sketchy defence in the 83rd min cost them a victory, but the match ended with a draw, after beautiful efforts by both the teams.