Real takes walks out with the win in the Real Madrid vs Roma match, despite great efforts by the guest team

Real Madrid and Roma locked horns for a Champions League in Bernabeu, on March 8, 2016. Real had bagged a victory od 2-0 against Roma when the two teams faced each other last month. This was the sixth appearance of Real in the quarter-final of the tournament, but Roma had not reached the last eight stage since 2008. The excitement regarding the Real Madrid vs Roma match was palpable.

Real Madrid vs Roma [Highlights ]

The match began, and 9 sec into it, Casemiro got penalized for handball. Perotti delivered the resulting free kick, but Pepe managed to clear it away. With Real straight away on the counter, it seemed that Roma needed to score the first goal to gain some leverage. Both the teams kept delivering dangerous crosses into the opposing boxes. Bale failed to meet a cross from Ronaldo, before Dzeko challenged Navas for a high ball inside the home team’s box. Ronaldo seemed to be laying through the middle for his team, though Bale could have easily switched to that role.

Real Madrid vs Roma [ All Goals]

In the 7th min of the Real Madrid vs Roma match, there was a penalty shout for Real Madrid, as Ronaldo smashed a shot into Zukanovic, but the referee refused to give it. The next minute, a chance fell in the way of Real, as Bale fed a return pass to Marcelo, though it finally ended up being wide of the post. The match continued, with Ronaldo really going at it, especially after being felled by Florenzi. In the 14th min of the Real Madrid vs Roma match, a chance came for Roma, as Salah drove down the right side before feeding a low cross into Dzeko, but he fired wide.

Real Madrid vs Roma
Cristiano Ronaldo in a hard chase

Roma did their best to gain a lead, but Real eventually gained possession, and enjoyed it more. But Salah and Dzeko were also doing their best for their team. In the 22nd min, Roma keeper Szczesny got down and kept out a strike from Modric, thus making an amazing save. While Roma and Modric continued to give a good fight, while Salah continued to pose as a threat. In the 27th min, El Shaarawy lifted a clever header, which went over the crossbar. The next minute, Salah helped his team come close to another chance, but his delivery was wide of the post. This was followed by a great save of Ronaldo’s strike by the guest stopper.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo on a nice header

The pace of the Real Madrid vs Roma match had picked up by this time, and in the 34th min, Modric slid a super pass into Ronaldo, who looked to make a bottom corner, but Roma’s stopper made yet another great save. Real enjoyed 60% of possession, but this was not enough. In the 37th min, Danilo got booked for a late challenge on El Shaarawy. The two teams’ players where on the verge of some fight, it seemed, and in 2 min before the end of the first half, there was a half chance for Salah, but Navas made the save. After 2 additional minutes at the end of the first half, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 0-0 Roma.

Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale showing hi speed

The second half of the Real Madrid vs Roma match began, with Real bringing a newly found energy to the ground. Pepe made a pass at Ronaldo, but Zukanovic steered it clear. Two chances came in the 50 min, one for the hosts and one for the visitors, but these chances fell through. In the 53rd sec, Azczesny made a great save to stop Ronaldo. Possession mostly remained with Real, who played it in every direction, but these efforts were nothing that the guests would not be handle. Two more great saves were seen in the 57th min, this time by Navas. In the 61st min of the Real Madrid vs Roma match, Kroos came dangerously close to scoring, but his delivery hit the bar.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo against the Roma defender

In the 64th min, Ronaldo turned a delivery by Vaequez in to the first goal of the match! Enthused by Ronaldo, James went on to score yet another goal for Real! With 10 min left till the end of the match, another chance came for Real, but the efforts of Vazquez and Ronaldo fell through. In the 76th min, Zukanovic got booked for a late challenge on James. The Real Madrid vs Roma match continued as a fast pace, but with nothing particularly eventful. With just 2 min left, Danillo sent a powerful drive to the crowd. Salah made one last effort to go out with a fight, but his effort was saved by Navas. After 3 additional min at the end of the second half, the Real Madrid vs Roma match came to an end, with the scoreboard reading Real Madrid 2-0 Roma, and a 4-0 aggregate win. Roma deserved a goal after all their trouble, but ultimately, it was Real to walk out with the victory.

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