Most Heated Moments in Sports 2016

Everyone plays to win, and as such losing isn’t an option. Sometimes in the heat of the game, players tend to lose their cool and forget their professionalism and sportsman spirit. Being driven by their emotions, altercations take place and sometimes things turn pretty dirty as well. Here we make a countdown of 10 Most Heated Moments in Sports 2016.

Top 10 Most Heated Moments in Sports 2016

10. Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp

Starting of our list of 10 Most Heated Moments in Sports 2016 we have the Liverpool manager Jurgen Kloop’s altercation with West Brom manager. During a hotly contested match between the two teams that ended with the result of 2-2, tensions were high and the tension of the field crept its way into the dugout.  The managers had a few face to face encounters during the course of the match and they did exchange a few words but after the match neither shook their hands with the other and lashed out at each other during the post-match press conference.

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9. Caleb Porter

Most Heated Moments in Sports 2016

At number 9 in our list of 10 Most Heated Moments in Sports 2016 we have Caleb Porter, coach of the Major League Soccer team Portland Timbers. After the Portland Timbers vs FC Dallas match, which Portland won 3-1, Porter apparently walked over to the opposing technical area for customary handshake with FC Dallas coach but instead of an embrace, he handed him a tissue and pointed at the score board. As things started to get heated up the nearby assistants diffused the situation.

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8. Carlos Quentin

Most Heated Moments in Sports 2016

Baseball is no stranger to brawls and fights and over the years on many occasions the players have exchanged their mitts for their mists. At number 8 in the list we have Carlos, a player of San Diego Padres. In a match after being hit by a close pitch, he stormed the pitcher’s mound and tackled Zack Grienke. In a few seconds both the dugout became empty and players ran out to fight off the other team. Grienke broke his collar bone in the brawl.

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