Interesting Facts about Athletes
Trivia always comes in handy; you might not enjoy the game itself but it is often fun and interesting facts about the players that first get you hooked. To celebrate these funny and (at certain times) odd facts about athletes, we have compiled a list of the top 15 weird and interesting facts about athletes.


But then again, trivia is a subjective thing and you may not find some things on our list particularly amusing… So beware, you have been warned!

Hidden and Interesting Facts about Athletes

#15- Robert Griffith- American Football

Hidden and Interesting Facts about Athletes Here’s one that’s guaranteed to make you feel old… Did you know that Robert Griffith III, the NFL quarterback for the Redskins was actually born in the 90s? Blimey, we didn’t. If that doesn’t make matters worse, the player one place ahead of Griffith; Andrew Luck was born in December 1989. It appears that all good players in the NFL are much younger than we thought.

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#14- Steven Stamkos-Hockey

Hidden and Interesting Facts about Athletes From hocking beef to professional hockey, Steven Stamkos has what can rightly be considered the wildest deviation from one career to another. Before being the star player for Tampa Bay Lightning, Stamkos worked as steak salesman at a market in Markham.

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#13- Ray Allen- Tennis

Hidden and Interesting Facts about Athletes
While he is famous for being the guard for Miami Heat, some of his lesser known career highlights are ones aside from tennis. He starred in “He Got Game”, directed by Spike Lee. He also plays the piano quite well and is an avid collector of art too; the Seattle Times snidely referred to him as the “Ray-naissance Man” in 2007.

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#12- Steve Smith- Rugby

Hidden and Interesting Facts about Athletes

Playing for the Carolina Panthers, wide receiver Steve Smith is a burly man who is known for being tough on the field. Fans would be surprised to learn that this hefty receiver has quite a soft personality. His favorite show to date remains “I Love Lucy”, a show he was astonished to find was actually recorded black and white; Smith didn’t have a color television until he was a teenager and had always assumed the show was in color.

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