HD Highlights and Review: Ronaldo and Benzema help team bag a massive win in the Real Madrid vs Malmo match of Champions League

Real Madrid vs Malmo – Match Report And Highlights

Real Madrid and Malmo came face to face in the Champions League Group A match at Bernabeu. Real Madrid has already qualified for the round of 16 as group winners, having collected 13 points from their five matches before the Real Madrid vs Malmo match, while the guest team was at the bottom of the section, with only three points.

Real Madrid vs Malmo – Highlights:


The match began in a less crowded stadium, and before the first 5 min had gone by, Real Madrid was already starting to show dominance, as Benzema led a ball released by Kroos to a half chance. While Malmo tried hard to adopt an attacking style in the start, Real quickly took over the possession of the ball. In the 7th min, Danillo worked the ball into Isco, though his efforts fell through. With 10 min of the match gone, none of the teams had been too close to scoring. But, it changed very soon, when after a wrong bicycle kick by the spectacular Ronaldo, Benzema scored the first goal for Real Madrid, after a super cross from Ronaldo.

Real Madrid vs Malmo- CR7’s Performance:


The Real Madrid vs Malmo match of Champions League went on, and while the guest team did their best, Real enjoyed the possession, with Ronaldo seeing plenty of the ball. Malmo seemed to grow more and more insecure. Adu took a risk in the 22nd min, and attempted to pop a ball into midfield, but Ronaldo could not gather, and Malmo escaped a dangerous situation. This was followed by a half chance for the away side, and soon, in the 24th min, there was a penalty shout for Real Madrid, as Isco went down inside the box. The referee was not interested, much to the frustration of Ronaldo, who delivered a cross from the left to Benzema. The Frenchman led this straight to the opponent’s box, thus scoring the second goal for his team.

Real Madrid vs Malmo

The spectacular performance of Cristiano Ronaldo

Even though Malmo played pretty well, Real never gave up during the Real Madrid vs Malmo match. Roaldo even came close to changing the score to 3-0, though it didn’t happen. As the match continued, both the teams gave it their best shot. But Real continued to take the upper hand in the game, and despite Ronaldo’s vigorous efforts, he kept missing golden opportunities, until in the 39th min, he sent the ball to the back of the net, scoring the third goal for his team. After an additional minute, the first half of the Real Madrid vs Malmo match came to an end, with the score being Real Madrid 3-0 Malmo.

The jaw-dropping volley by CR7

The jaw-dropping volley by CR7

The second half the Real Madrid vs Malmo match of Champions League began. 2 min into it, and Real Madrid got its 4th goal of the match, as Ronaldo converted from a small range. And as if the miraculous match had not seen enough of it, Real scored the 5th goal of the match, with Ronaldo making a hat trick. The fate of the match had been sealed, and Pepe, Marcelo, Benzema, etc. gave it their best shot.

Real Madrid vs Malmo

Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema Celebrating Their Hat Tricks

It seemed that Real Madrid was on some kind of a magic pill today, scoring a goal at an interval of almost every 10 min – Real scored its 6th goal, in the 59th second. Malmo struggled to keep up with the host team, but things went completely downhill, for, in the 70th min, Real scored the 7th goal of the match, which came as no big news by this time. Kovacic scored the 7th goal for Real. But for their next goal, real didn’t even wait 10 min – the 8th goal came in the 74th min from Benzema. The Real Madrid vs Maldo match got unpredictable pretty quick, but then again, no one had expected 8-0.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Malmo

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his hat trick

The second half of the Real Madrid vs Maldo match came to a close after an extra minute was added, with the scoreboard reading Real Madrid 8-0 Maldo. With 3 goals in both Ronaldo and Benzema’s bags, Real Madrid clinched a massive win against Malmo.