Hottest Cricket WAGs

It seems like the attention is always on professional soccer players and their sexy WAGs (wives and girlfriends). Let’s take a quick look at some of the cricketing world’s good-looking partners who add a little spice to the game. After all, everyone knows no sport is a big deal until its players can attract extremely good-looking partners. And, as it turns out, cricket players can most certainly do that.

Featured-254Where there’s fame, there’s bound to be some glamor. For cricketers, money and fame has never been a problem and whenever money and fame gets together, expect glamor to be there as well. Although most cricketers are definitely not raising their glamor quotient with their weird hairstyle and fashion sense, thankfully they have their WAGs to do that by gracing the stands with their presence.

The general focus always seems to be on the best-performing teams and this list is no different, so expect more WAGs from Australian and English teams.

Here are some of the hottest crickets WAGs:

Hottest Cricket WAGs in the World

Jessica Bratich (Mitchell Johnson)

Hottest Cricket WAGs in the World
Mitchell Johnson wife

Jessica Bratich is the wife of Australian fast bowler Mitchell Johnson. She is a former model and has a lovely daughter with her husband. Currently, she runs her own accessories business. Although she’s beautiful and sexy, this Aussie should not be considered a trophy wife. She is actually an accomplished athlete, holding a black belt in karate. She is actually a World Karate Champion, winning the bronze medal in 2006. This makes her one of the coolest cricket WAGs ever.

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Kacey Barnfield (Stuart Broad)

Hottest Cricket WAGs in the World
Stuart Broad’s Girlfriend

This 26-year-old English actress dated the English fast bowler and team captain, Stuart Broad, for a while. However, it should be noted that this beautiful girl never liked the term WAG at all.

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Lee Furlong (Shane Watson)

Hottest Cricket WAGs in the World
Shane Watson with his wife

Another Aussie to make the list, Lee Furlong is the wife of the 33-year-old Australian all-rounder Shane Watson. They got married on 3rd June 2010 and have a son together. Lee is a presenter for Fox Sports Australia and is called the reigning queen of cricket WAGs. She has definitely got some serious cuteness and is a perfect match for the handsome Shane.

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Lara Bingle (Michael Clarke)

Hottest Cricket WAGs in the World
Michael Clarke ex girlfriend

Once they were amongst the hottest couples in Australia, but they are just exes now. The 27-year-old Australian model was engaged to the captain of the Australian cricket team, Michael Clarke. She is now in a relationship with Sam Worthington. Along with being a model, she is also a reality TV star, notable socialite and fashion designer. Of course, all of these occupations feed off each other.

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