The much talked about styles of broom handle and belly putting will soon finally put to rest on the course as the official ban of these anchored styles of putting comes into play. As of the 1st January 2016, any form of putting whereby the putter is rested upon any part of the player’s body will be officially banned. The decision was not welcomed by many who have struggled to see the reasoning behind the judgment. Let’s see how New Belly Putting Ban will effect.

How the New Belly Putting Ban Will Impact the World of Golf

How the New Belly Putting Ban Will Impact the World of Golf

American professional Keegan Bradley was the first golfer to win a major championship, namely the 2011 PGA Championship, using the style of anchored putting. Many pros have subsequently followed in his steps and have put in some great performances on the green as a result. Long putters have really helped a number of players who have had put in less than impressive lead up play and rely on the method in order to drag strokes back when finishing off the holes. The change could affect this and New Belly Putting Ban certainly make golf betting tips more interesting in the future as the game once more opens up.

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So what are the specifics of the new ruling? Basically whilst making a stroke the player must not anchor the club, either “directly” or by use of an “anchor point.” This directly involves the player holding either the club or the gripping hand in contact with part of his or her body, although they may hold the club or their gripping hand against their hand or forearm. The anchor point is when the player holds a forearm against port of their body intentionally in order to establish a gripping hand as a point in which their other hand can swing the club.

The R&A and the USGA approved the new ruling which has left players who rely on the method to switch back to the more traditional method of putting. The decision was met with some resistance from the PGA; however, it is an official ruling which means verbal resistance can only go far. The decision to make the change has been a well-considered one, and this will be implemented to eliminate the potential advantage the stroke has over other putting styles.

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Players such as Tiger Woods have welcomed the ruling claiming that the style is not in keeping with the traditions of the game and that all the clubs used by various players should be in keeping with each other. One thing is for certain, the game will be seeing these changes implemented as of 1 January 2016 and it’ll will make-or-break some of the world bests styles of play.

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