Very hurt by Jadeja verdict, says Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, in a pre match conference with the media has said that he is very much hurt with the decision of the ICC on the Jadeja – Anderson case.

Dhoni said that the decision was hurtful and a lot of parameters were neglected before coming to a decision.

Jadeja received a fine of 50 percent of his match fees on account of being aggressive on the field . Dhoni on this matter said that you cannot be called aggressive only because someone turns back to listen what someone is speaking to him. Dhoni narrated the whole story and frankly told that the Englishmen is at fault.

When asked about the explanation given by the ICC, he said that they were told that it was against the spirit of the game but he rejected the explanation by stating that Jadeja just turned back to see what someone was saying and that’s not aggression.

Very hurt by Jadeja verdict, says Dhoni
Very hurt by Jadeja verdict, says Dhoni

Dhoni also agreed that he told the BCCI officials to appeal against this. Dhoni also added that Jadeja has been fined for something for which the English team did not complain against. The complaint against Jadeja was of Level 2 offence, showing aggression to a player but Jadeja has received a punishment for a Level 1 offence. The main thing about this is that according to ICC rules , one cannot appeal against a decision for a level 1 offence and that’s the beauty of the decision according to Dhoni. But, Dhoni said that the BCCI is looking in this matter and get things sorted out.

With the power possessed by the BCCI , things are not looking good for Jimmy Anderson with all probability that he will face something big now.Dhoni, who in general is not known to show much emotions has been very critical of ICC’s decision and when he has told the BCCI to fight against it, the things will turn  against Anderson.