Importance of Dynamic Stretching for Tennis players

Dynamic Stretching for tennis[MyAd][MyAd]

Dynamic stretching is a way of stretching before the match while being in motion. Static stretching is way of stretching after the match and this stretching does not help the muscles warm up much for the efforts ahead.  Dynamic stretching is crucial for every tennis player and many international tennis players have realized that it is the perfect method to increase the flexibility by muscle and joint motion.

As the game of tennis consists of fast movements in various directions, the players have to perform the kind of stretching that arouses many parts of the body.

The first exercise in the dynamic stretching is of reverse lunge. This exercise is done by taking a step with the right leg backwards. Then go in the position of attack and twist the torso on the left side. Then with your left hand, reach the right heal. Come back on the same position and then do it with the left leg. Doing this for 50 meters makes the legs stronger and faster.

The second exercise that is really important for the tennis players in the dynamic stretching is the Knee cradle exercise. This exercise is done by lifting your left lag and the knee on the outside. On the same time rise the toes on the right foot before you release the left leg. Step forward and repeat it for the other side. Continue doing this for the 50 meters.

The third exercise important in Dynamic stretching for tennis players is straight leg march exercise. This exercise involves marching forward and swinging your leg in front with each passing step. Try and attempt to touch the foot with the other hand in each swing.

This type of stretching certainly holds a lot of importance and there are many reasons for that.  Firstly it makes the tennis player all set to face the stress and effort in the game. It gives the flexibility to the tennis players to move freely in the court and also in the best possible speed.

It gives the players the strength to stay in the court for long to have the proper energy for the match. It is crucial because as tennis is a game that requires a lot stamina and this sort of stretching gives the perfect possible stamina that stays with the player till the  end.

It makes the muscle strong and pain resistant. While playing in the match, the player does not feel pain and does not feel tired because the muscles are prepared to bear the stress and the pain. It keeps the player active and running throughout the game.

If a player wants to win the game, then dynamic stretching before the match is necessary because the muscles can break down anytime if he does not do the stretching. The importance is great and every player needs to follow the exercises properly.