The time of getting worried about rushing in the public courts for playing tennis with some of your buddies. In this article the most useful secret is going to be revealed. This is very much important for a person who wants to play tennis in public court and he always misses something in his bag. It has been generally seen that we keep these small these things at our back and that is the reason we sometimes feel difficulty in most of the matters. There are a lot of ways and methods which can be very much helpful and beneficial for making a better understanding about the importance of getting awareness about top 10 most important things need to be kept in your tennis bag. Some of the most important and valuable instructions are discussed further in the article.

These instructions can be very much helpful and supportive to make you in a better position to develop an enhanced learning about the top 10 most important things to be kept in your tennis bag.  Making yourself well prepare before going in the tennis court is the part of game strategy.

Top 10 Important Things Have in Your Tennis Bag

Important Things Have in Your Tennis Bag

Two Racquets

You should keep an extra set of rackets. It is due to the fact that these rackets can be very much helpful in a case when you break a string of your racquet.

Water and Food

The most important thing you should keep in your mind is that you should keep the bottle of water and some food for yourself. In a case if you feel need of taking some fast food in the break then you don’t need to look here and there for the food and water.

A Towel

Keeping a white towel generally symbolizes as a fashion statement of good tennis players. A part from it keeping a towel is very necessary. It is due to the fact that tennis is a sweat taking game and therefore, you need to keep a towel with you in order to face sweaty situation.

Over Grips

Over grips are very important to carry due to the fact that sometimes you may lose your grip of racquet due to sweat.

Medical Kit

A medical kit should contain aspirin and first aid stuff such as Band-Aids, tape, scissors, and powder.

Extra shirt and Socks

You should know that your feet are important. Therefore, you should have an extra pair of socks in order to replace them with sweaty socks. An extra dry shirt is also necessary to carry.


You should carry sunscreen with you in order to keep yourself safe from sun burn.

Sunglasses and a Hat

Well, if you are going to play tennis in a windy and sunny weather then you should carry sunglasses and a hat with you.  They can give you a cool sportsmen look.

Flip Flops

Flip flops are generally very important after match ends. They can be very much helpful to give your feet relief after a lot of exercise of playing tennis.

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