American football also called rugby commonly outside United States of America has one of the most popular games of the region. The craze of soccer in England, Spain and south America has commercialized the game a lot by making franchise teams sold to billionaires who buy great players in order to win leagues and championships. Similar influence was seen on the American Football as well and it was also commercialized by various private teams. 298 league games several contests and great nail biting encounters all has come down to the Super Bowl. The teams like The New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos have emerged as the betting favorites and people are investing a lot on these three famous and good teams. Here is what you need to know about some of the Interesting facts about super bowl XLIX.

Facts About Super Bowl XLIX

Interesting Facts About Super Bowl XLIX

Let’s loo into some of the amazing facts:

  1. we start from the beginning i.e. when and where will the first game be played. The first game will be played at the University of Phoenix stadium and will be on air on NBC at 6:30ET. For those who cannot reach their televisions, NBC will be screening the game live on their website for mobile and computer users.
  2. If you have not bought the ticket then it will be a costly one this time. 6500 dollors for a week is too much and this Sunday’s final will be the most costly one.
  3. This is the second time that University of Phoenix will be hosting the even in its stadium.
  4. Originally Kansas City was chosen for the final game but the plan was changed due to increased taxation and voters rejected the idea.
  5. University of Phoenix signed a deal worth of $154.5 to claim the naming rights to the home of Arizona Cardinals back in 2006 which led to scrutiny by the committee of Senate.
  6. Patriots have qualified into the super bowl for the eighth time which equals the record of Pittsburg Stealers and Dallas Cowboys.
  7. The Seahawks will be making their second consecutive super bowl appearance which gives them another opportunity of clinching the title.
  8. This year’s Super Bowl will feature the NFL’s top defense and NFL’s to offence. This great combination adds great taste and passion to the game.
  9. Brady has made 1.5 Billion dollors while playing NFL and has been super rich.
  10. Wilson is shooting to be the first starting QB with Super Bowls titles in the first three seasons. (it took Brady four Seasons) to do so.

Facts About Super Bowl XLIX