iOS Apps Ideal for Sports Enthusiasts

iOS Apps Ideal for Sports Enthusiasts

There are some sporting apps out there ideal for people who like to keep tabs on live games, their favourite teams and sporting legends. iOS apps are ideal for people who own iPads and iPhones but some of the apps are available on Android. We chose 5 our favourites from a wide selection on the App Store. With so many apps out there claiming to help users keep up with favourite sports and teams, we handpicked 5 of our favourite apps for iOS devices designed to keep users up to speed with teams, scores, stats and players.

iOS Apps Ideal for Sports Enthusiasts


iOS Apps


Without a doubt, this is the best app in the iOS market and its features are in a league of their own, providing the latest news, live video updates, video highlights and worldwide sporting updates. ESPN allows the user to customise updates to their preferences and access scores from MLS, College Basketball, NHL and MLB amongst others.

2. Team Stream

Team Stream

Team Stream App

This app provides news and scores internationally. Team Stream allows its users to keep track of their favourite team and the latest information about the teams. The app also allows users to share the latest favourite news on social media, email and text messages.

3. BreakingSports


BreakingSports App

Much like ESPN, BreakingSports offers sporting news, scores, stats, news about your favourite teams and players and live alerts. It also accommodates live content through score updates, videos, injury reports and more.

4. theScore


theScore App

theScore is rated as one of the most powerful sporting apps that accommodates a range of sports. It allows the user to customise content thus providing tailored scores, key moment, ends of quarters and much more features.

5. Sports Feed

Sports Feed

Sports Feed App

This app allows users to customise their sports newsfeed and provides real time scores and statistics. The app is very straightforward and minimal.

These apps clearly offer developer jobs an interesting twist, it e specially helps to have sports enthusiasts at the core of developing the ideal product to suit a sporting consumer’s needs.