Juve fails to win against Barca in their first UEFA Champions League Final in 12 years

Juventus and FC Barcelona faced each other in the UEFA championship final on June 5, 2015, in berlin. Both the teams played their 8th European Cup final, with Juventus playing in the UEFA Champions League Final after 12 long years. All hopes of the loyal fans were pinned on them. After the flamboyant but pleasing ceremony to mark the prestigious status of the match, the two teams emerged on the field.

♦ You May Also Like ⇒ The King Of Soccer: Cristiano Ronaldo (Discography) Less than 5 minutes into the first half, Barcelona scored its first goal. Though the ball was hurled into the net by Rakitic, it was Neymar who enhanced the scoring factor of it by controlling the ball well and leading it to a clearing. This led Juventus to a rather shaky start. Vidal, who started venting his pressure upon the players of the opponent team, was shown a yellow card after about 10 minutes of aggression, while Neymar and entire Barca made several close calls.

♦ You May Also Like ⇒ The God Of Football: Lionel Messi (Discography) By the time 15 minutes had passed, Juvetus had already given 4 fouls. The match got more and more intense as time rolled on, with both teams frequenting the goal post, and Juventus growing more violent. Pogba was the second Juve player of the evening to get a yellow card. Buffon, the legendary goalie, seemed to be the only one maintaining his composure and showing his excellent skills. The nail-biting first half of UEFA Champions League Final came to an end with Barca one goal ahead of Juve.

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The half of UEFA Champions League Final came to an end with Barca one goal ahead of Juve. Had it not been for Buffon, Barca would probably be a few more goals ahead. Messi, who had a slower start, became more lively in the second half, while Suarez continued to be alert as well. But after missing several chances, Juventus took their chance at the 54th minute as Morata scored one for the boys in white.

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The fight between the two teams intensified, and it did not take Barcelona long to avenge Morata’s shot, as he pulled a long haul with the ball and led Suarz to score a return goal, though he also received a yellow card a few moments later. At the 70th minute, Neymar shot another goal, but his joy was short-lived, as the goal was ruled out as a hand-ball, since the ball, after Neymar’s headshot, hit his wrist before entering the net. However, it definitely established a sense of authority among the Barca players as they continued ruling the ground.

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Despite Juventus’ repeated attempts to hurt the opponents, they received no severe punishment from the referee. Captain Iniesta was pulled out at the 77th minute of the UEFA Champions League Final to bring in Xavi for his final appearance in the Barcelona uniform. The Italian team’s violence continued, with several of the Barca players being pulled to the ground or hurt, including Suarez, though with no severe punishments from the rather kind-hearted referees. Llorente replaced Morata for Juventus in the 84th minute. Tables got turned, however, as Evra of Juve hurt himself, and had to be pulled out, to be replaced by 18 year old Coman. 5 minutes was added to the match as extra time, and Rakitic got replaced by Mathieu.  

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Suarez, one of the angriest players in the past, received several hits and wounds, and had to be replaced by Pedro in the 95th minute. Neymar, as the final surprise, scored a goal in the 96th minute, after which he sped around shirtless, as Barca won the match 3-1. Iniesta was declared the man of the match for his incredible handle over the mid-field.

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It took Barcelona just 4 minutes to take the lead in the match, and despite the occasional slips, they maintained control in general till the very end. Juventus, as a result, oozed nervousness from feeling threatened, and despite looking to win their first UEFA Champions League Final after 12 years of struggle, they could not clinch the trophy.

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