La liga Top Scorers 2017-18 Season – Power Ranking

La liga Top Scorers 2017-18 Season – Power Ranking

It’s been only a few weeks since the La Liga started but the goals are already pouring in. No wonder the league enjoys a healthy goal per match of 2.77. So as the season warms up and a certain Messi and Ronaldo start scoring and breaking more records, we take a look at La liga Top Scorers 2017-18 Season.

La liga Top Scorers 2017-18 Season

List of La liga Top Scorers 2017-18 Season
La liga Top Scorers 2017-18 Season

The league is home to some of the best players in the world and three of the most successful clubs in Champion League in recent times.

10Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale or Gareth Frank Bale

At number 10 in La liga Top Scorers is Gareth Bale. The most expensive player in history, and one of the most expensive players in La Liga, Bale has set La liga on fire with his blistering pace and shot power. He is among the best players in the world and plays as a winger for Real Madrid. With 49 goals in 84 matches in La liga and having recently renewed his contract, he is expected to be among top La liga all-time scorers in the future. This season he has already scored two goals and taken a total of 13 shots in just 3 games. An important member of the Real Madrid’s deadly soccer trio of Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema, he is sure to come out of Ronaldo’s shadow this season and make his own records on the scoring sheet of La liga.

9Kevin Gameiro

Kevin Gameiro : The French Delight

At number 9 is Kevin Gameiro. He is among the most prolific strikers of 2016 and has amazing finishing abilities. His stint at FC Lorient during which he scored 50 goals in 108 matches helped the team to reach it’s highest finish in League 1 ever; 7th position. His performance led him to a transfer to PSG and then to Sevilla. Currently, he plays for Athletico Madrid and has become the favourite of fans netting twice already. With an entire season worth of football left, he is sure to be there among the top of La liga goal standings

8Nabil El Zhar

Nabil El Zhar : The Moroccan Powerhouse

At number 8 in La liga Top Scorers is Nabil El Zhar. Nabil is a Moroccan player currently playing for UD Las Palmas. A right winger, he was signed by Liverpool where he made seldom starts over his 5 years stay there and was even loaned for a season to POAK. Now in La liga, he is looking to cement his position as a player and has scored two goals and two assists with an amazing 80% shots on target. His performance has ensured Las Palmas has a great start this season and is currently 6th on La liga points table.

7Pablo Sarabia

Pablo Sarabia or Pablo Sarabia García

At number 7 in La liga Top Scorers is Pablo Sarabia. Pablo is an attacking midfielder for Sevilla FC but can also play as a left winger. Pablo was signed by Real Madrid when he was only 12 and enjoyed a successful stint in its B-team scoring 15 goals from 49 matches, before being signed by Getafe. He has also been a regular face in the youth team of Spain having represented his country in U16, U17, U18, U19 and U21 teams. With two goals and two assists from three games, his performance will have a major impact on La liga results and standings of Sevilla.

6Pablo Piatti

Pablo Piatti or Pablo Daniel Piatti

At number 6 is Pablo Piatti. Pablo is a left winger who can also operate as a striker. He currently on loan to RCD Espanyol from Valencia FC. Apart from scoring goals, he is also great at setting other up for goals. It is evident from his 3 assists already. He has scored 2 goals this season yet. But looking at his play we are sure that he will grab many eyeballs by the season is done. RCD Espanyol is trailing in La liga current standings at 15th and so Pablo’s performance are even more crucial for his team now.

5Gerard Moreno

Gerard Moreno or Gerard Moreno Balagueró

At number 5 in La liga Top Scorers is Gerard Moreno. This young striker he surely making his presence felt in La Liga this season with three goals from three matches. He joined Villarreal CF where he quickly rose through the ranks thanks to his whopping scoring rate. He scored 34 goals from 39 games while playing for the C-side. Then he advanced to B-side and finally made the professional debut. Now playing for RCD Espanyol and having matured as a striker, he will be looking to score more and advance La Liga standings of his club.

4Ruben Castro – 4

Ruben Castro or Rubén Castro Martín

At number 4 in La liga Top Scorers is Ruben Castro. He is one of the best La Liga Scorers who is also underrated at the same time. Ruben is a club hero for Real Betis having represented the club in 218 games and scoring 126 times. He is a natural striker who can also function as a winger. Ruben enjoyed a good Spain U21 career where he scored 6 times in the 7 matches he played. He has scored double-figure goals in almost every season for the last 4-5 years. With 4 goals from 4 matches already, he will be looking to add more before the season ends. Expect him to be present among La-Liga top goal scorers when the season ends.

3Antoine Griezmann – 4

Antoine Griezmann AKA “The Baby-Faced Assassin”

At number 3 in La liga Top Scorers is Antoine Griezmann. Griezmann is having the time of his life. He represented France in finals of Euro 2016 and Athletico Madrid in Champions League final 2015. At 25, he is still growing and is yet to reach his peak which makes him even more exciting. With four goals from four matches, he is the reason for Athletico being in 3rd position on La liga points table. He is one of the most prolific scorers in La liga having scored 48 times in his 78 appearances.

2Lionel Messi – 4

Lionel Messi AKA Leo

At number 2 in La liga Top Scorers is Lionel Messi. Messi is one of the greatest La Liga Scorers of all time. Most goals scored in La Liga, most goals scored in a single season, most assists made in La Liga, Messi has done it all. With 4 goal and two assists already in four matches, he is looking to bounce back after his shock national team retirement and defeat in the Copa America.

1Luis Suarez – 4

Luis Suarez AKA El Pistolero

At number 1 in La liga Top Scorers is Luis Suarez. Suarez needs no introductions when it comes to goal scoring charts. One of the most lethal strikers in world football, his career has reached new heights ever since partnering with Messi and Neymar for Barcelona. He has scored goals in double digits ever since he started playing and in the previous season, he scored a whopping 59 goals from 53 matches. With 3 goals from two matches, he is sure to make this season memorable for him as well. If he stays in La Liga for a couple more seasons, he is sure to be one of the main strikers in All-Time La Liga XI, and will be counted among Best La liga scorers of all time.

As the season has just started, there is no saying who will emerge on top. But as the season progresses, La Liga results and table start to take shape. We will get a better idea about which striker will be the best this season. But in the meantime, these are the La liga Top Scorers 2017-18 Season or goal scoring machines you need to keep a check on.

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