Black Mamba Kobe Bryant is now the third highest point scorer all-time in NBA history and finds himself sandwich between Great Michael Jordan and Karl Malone in the NBA record books. Bryant reached the milestone in his 1,269 games of his superb career – after hitting two free throws during the second quarter of a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Let’s take a look at the Leading Points Scorers NBA History.

Leading Points Scorers NBA History

Leading Point Scorers in NBA History
All Time Top Scorers In NBA History

With Kobe Bryant’s career in its twilight and the current fortunes of the Los Angeles Lakers, the focus now shifts more towards where Kobe Bryant the individual will end up in the record books vs. where a Kobe-led team will finish in the standings. He is one of the greatest NBA players of all time. And here goes the list of 25 players who are the All-time most point scorers in NBA history.

25Charles Barkley – 23,757 Points

Charles Barkley – 23,757 Points

At 25 in Leading Point Scorers NBA History is Charles Barkley. A controversial figure for his fights in and off the court, he remains one of the best rebounders of all time. He used his strength and aggression to get 12,546 rebounds in his career. Charles also scored 23,757 points. He is also the 4th player in NBA history to achieve 20,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and 4,000 assists.

24Vince Carter – 23,969 Points

Vince Carter – 23,969 Points

At 24 is Vince Carter. He enthralled crowd worldwide with his leaping and dunking prowess and thus was named “Air Canada”. Vince is one of the highest paid NBA players. He has been named All-Star 8 times. He has scored 23,969 points till date.

23Allen Iverson – 24,368 Points

Allen Iverson – 24,368 Points

At 23 in Leading Point Scorers NBA History is Allen Iverson. He is half of Famer and fifth best shooting guard of all time by ESPN. Allen has been a part of oldest NBA teams such as Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons. He has scored 24,368 points.

22Ray Allen – 24,505 Points

Ray Allen – 24,505 Points

At 22 is Ray Allen. Ray is one of the most accurate 3 point and free throw shooter in NBA history. He has two champions and 10 All-Star appearances to his name. He has scored 24,505 points overall.

21Patrick Erwing – 24,815 Points

Patrick Erwing – 24,815 Points

At 21 in Leading Point Scorers NBA History is Patrick Erwing. A hall of Famer, he was All-Star 11 times in his career and played primarily for Knicks. He scored 24,815 points in his career.

20Jerry West – 25,192 Points

Jerry West – 25,192 Points

At number 20 is Jerry West. NBA Champion, MVP, 14 times All-Star, All-Star MVP, scoring champion and assist champion, he has done it all. He was named Mr. Clutch for his ability to make plays in clutch situations. He has 25,192 points to his name.

19Reggie Miller – 25,279 Points

Reggie Miller – 25,279 Points

At number 19 is Reggie Miller. He is the greatest Indian Pacers player of all time and one of the best 3 point shooters who held in nerves even in tough situations. His stint at New York Knicks earned him the nickname “Knick Killer”. Overall he scored 25,279 points and secured his place among the NBA playoff top scorers of all time.

18Alex English – 25,613 Points

Alex English – 25,613 Points

At number 18 in Leading Point Scorers NBA History is Alex English. Alex averaged 5.5 rebounds a game and 3.6 assists and scored 25,613 points in his long career. He was also All-Star eight times. He is also the first player to have consecutive eight 2000 point seasons.

17Kevin Garnett – 26,071 Points

Kevin Garnett – 26,071 Points

At number 17 is Kevin Garnett. He MVP once, 15 times All-Star and All-Star MVP once. Kevin Garnett is among tallest NBA Players. He also won the NBA Championship with the Celtics. With 26,071 points in his career, he is one of the best players ever to be played in NBA.

16Paul Pierce – 26,316 Points

Paul Pierce – 26,316 Points

At number 16 is Paul Pierce. He won the championship once, NBA Finals MVP once and was named All-Star 10 times. With 26,316 points in his career, he is one of NBA’s best scorers.

15John Havlicek – 26,395 Points

John Havlicek – 26,395 Points

At number 15 is John Havlicek. With an amazing eight NBA Championships, he is as good a ball player anyone can be. He was also inducted into Hall of Fame. He has scored an amazing 26,395 points.

14Tim Duncan – 26,496 Points

Tim Duncan – 26,496 Points

At number 14 in Leading Point Scorers NBA History is Tim Duncan. He is the greatest power forwards of all time having won five championships, two MVP, three NBA Finals MVP and was All-Star 15 times. He also scored a staggering 26,496 points.

13Dominique Wilkins – 26,668 Points

Dominique Wilkins – 26,668 Points

At number 13 in Leading Point Scorers NBA History is Dominique Wilkins. NBA Hall of Famer, Dominique is viewed as one of the greatest dunkers of all time and was called “The Human Highlight Reel”. In his glittering career, he scored 26,668 points to become one of NBA best scorers.

12Oscar Robertson – 26,710 Points

Oscar Robertson – 26,710 Points

At number 12 is Oscar Robertson. He is the only player in NBA history to average a triple-double for a season. Despite fighting racism all throughout his high school and college career, he became one of the greatest players of all-time scoring 26,710 points.

11LeBron James – 26,833 Points

LeBron James – 26,833 Points

At number 11 is LeBron James. With NBA titles, 4 MVP, 3 Final MVP and 12 All-Star, he is the Jordan of today’s basketball.Apart from being one of craziest tattooed NBA players, he is among the top 10 players in NBA history and has scored 26,833 points to date.

10Hakeem Olajuwon – 26,946 Points

Hakeem Olajuwon – 26,946 Points

At number 10 is Hakeem Olajuwon. One of top 10 scorers NBA history, he is also among the best centres of all time. He was MVP once and NBA Finals MVP twice. He scored 26,946 points in his entire career.

9Elvin Hayes – 27,313 Points

Elvin Hayes – 27,313 Points

At number 9 in Leading Points Scorers NBA History is Elvin Hayes. One of the top 10 players in NBA history, he has scored 27,313 points in his career. He also averaged at 12.5 rebounds a game in his entire career.

8Moses Malone – 27,409 Points

Moses Malone – 27,409 Points

At number 8 is Moses Malone. A Hall of Famer, he was MVP thrice and All-Star 12 times.  With 27,409 points he is among the best scorers of all time. With 17,834 rebounds he is third in all-time total rebounds list.

7Shaquille O’Neal – 28,569 Points

Shaquille O’Neal – 28,569 Points

At number 7 in Leading Points Scorers NBA History is Shaquille O’Neal. He was one of the heaviest players to ever play among best teams in NBA and used his size to become one of the best centres of all time. He is among top 10 scorers NBA history and scored 28,569 points.

6Dirk Nowitzki – 29,491 Points

Dirk Nowitzki – 29,491 Points

At number 6 is 38-year old Dirk Nowitzki, who is also one of the oldest NBA players currently in action. He was one of the best power forwards in history and the first European to start in All-Star game and receive the MVP award. One of the most prolific scorers of all time, he has one of the best NBA career stats all time. He scored 29,491 points in his career.

5Wilt Chamberlain – 31,419 Points

Wilt Chamberlain – 31,419 Points

At number 5 of Leading Points Scorers NBA History is Wilt Chamberlain.  One of the best NBA scorers of all time, he is the only player to score 100 points in a game and average 40-50 points in a season. As a centre, he is one of the best of all time with several records in rebounding and scoring. Overall he scored 31,419 points.

4Michael Jordan – 32,292 Points

Michael Jordan – 32,292 Points

At number 4 of Leading Points Scorers NBA History is Michael Jordan. The greatest player of all time, his persona transcends his on-court stats not that they were shabby. And who doesn’t know the basketball guy wearing coolest Air-Jordan sneakers in the movie “Space Jam”. He has scored 32,292 points in his career and is also the top NBA playoff scorers and won most NBA scoring titles.

3Kobe Bryant – 33,643 Points

Kobe Bryant – 33,643 Points

At number 3 of Leading Points Scorers NBA History is Kobe Bryant. With a 20 year career, he remained loyal to Lakers who gave him the opportunity to play straight out of high school. In his glittering career, he notched up 33,643 points and is one of NBA best scorers in the modern era.

2Karl Malone – 36,928 Points

Karl Malone – 36,928 Points

At number 2 in Leading Points Scorers NBA History is Karl Malone and one of the most followed NBA players on Twitter. Karl is among NBA all-time leading scorers as he notched up 36,928 career points. He was MVP twice, All-star 14 times and 11 times member of All-NBA first team.

1Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38,387 Points

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38,387 Points

As we all know, he is one of the NBA players diagnosed with life-threatening disease. At number 1 in Leading Points Scorers NBA History is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He is hands down the greatest college basketball player of all time having won three national championships thrice and being named the MVP thrice. He is also the greatest scorers in NBA history with 38,387 points in total.

Leading Points Scorers In NBA History

1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2 Karl Malone 36,928
3 Kobe Bryant* 33,643
4 Michael Jordan 32,292
5 Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
6 Dirk Nowitzki* 29,491
7 Shaquille O’Neal 28,596
8 Moses Malone 27,409
9 Elvin Hayes 27,313
10 Hakeem Olajuwon 26,946
11 LeBron James* 26,833
12 Oscar Robertson 26,710
13 Dominique Wilkins 26,668
14 Tim Duncan* 26,496
15 John Havlicek 26,395
16 Paul Pierce* 26,316
17 Kevin Garnett* 26,071
18 Alex English 25,613
19 Reggie Miller 25,279
20 Jerry West 25,192
21 Patrick Ewing 24,815
22 Ray Allen 24,505
23 Allen Iverson 24,368
24 Vince Carter* 23,969
25 Charles Barkley 23,757

*Currently active in NBA

These players in our list are the greatest and most prolific scorers in NBA history. Leave your opinion about the Leading Points Scorers NBA History and their rankings in the comment box below.