Los Blancos reduce Barca’s advantage on the table after winning Real Madrid vs Getafe match

Real Madrid came face to face with neighbours Getafe for the La Liga match on Saturday. The two teams were both looking for a win, with the Los Balncos trailing Barcelona by just four points, the stake was quite high for them. Danilo had been ruled out of the math with a suspension. Fans were waiting eagerly for the start of the Real Madrid vs Getafe match.

Real Madrid vs Getafe [Highlights]


As always, Real gained possession, and they had a good start, with crisp passes. Pereira was down on the deck in the 5th min, and the match had to be paused to provide him treatment. But he finally had to move to the sidelines, and the match continued. Within 2 min, he was back on the ground, but he didn’t last long, despite his best efforts. With the support of both sets of players, the full-back departed.

Real Madrid vs Getafe [All Goals]



As the match reached its 10th min, Kroos and James had some space in the centre to utilize, but they failed to make use of it. Despite their long periods of possession, they hardly did anything effective. A couple of minutes later, James raced down to send a pass to Ronaldo, but he failed to make that crucial touch! In the 14th min, Bale was seen harging for Madrid down the centre, and he found Benzema, but their communication with the ball was interrupted by Vigaray who did not let Benzema finish!

In the 16th min of the Real Madrid vs Getafe match, Ronaldo let a pass run across his body at the edge of the area, and then lashed a low effort on goal to beat the outstretched Guaita, but his effort just bounced off the base of the post. The chances seemed to be getting better for Real, who broke from just inside the Getafe half. However, Getafe made their first real attack in the 20th min, as Leon drifted forward down the right-hand side, and appeared to have beaten Marcelo, but he was soon put off his trajectory, and Varane was there to clean the rest up. But, even though their effort fell through, the match developed a more even tempo since then.

James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez on his best

The Real Madrid vs Getafe match continued, with Ronaldo laying the ball off to Bale in the 26th min, who continued to play a good game with the help of Isco. But, their joint efforts did not lead to any big change in the scoreboard. However, Real did keep the pressure up. And just when the match was on the verge of the first half hour, Benzema slid onto Jame’s cross to finish, scoring the first goal for the Los Blancos!

James continued to be amazing, with some confident assists, though they did not lead to another goal. As the match continued, Getafe did their best, but rea had found their confidence. In the 38th min, some great indivisual battles were seen between Vergini and Benzema, but the superb challenge on the striker put the fire out soon. Ronnaldo, Guaita and Vigaray were seen trying to cross to the near post first, but Ronaldo reeled under the apparent contact from the defender.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo after a hard chase against Getafe

With just 5 min left till the first half of the Real Madrid vs Getafe match, Isco glided through the middle and took the ball from Benzema, eventually leading it right into the opponent’s box! Thus, the 2nd goal for Real was scored in the match in the 40th min! In the 43rd min, Suarez was booked for giving the referee a piece of his mind after he had been whistled for a challenge. Right in the last minute, Isco sent the ball flying towards the Getafe box, but it went right into the arms of the keeper. As the first half of the Real Madrid vs Getafe match came to an end, the scoreboard read Getafe 0-2 Real Madrid.

The second half of the match began, and within 5 min, Benzema was seen making a good assist, which led to the 3rd goal for Real Madrid, scored by Bale. This was Benzema’s 2nd assist in the match. Real continued to play skilfully, with a professional approach, which was enough to make Zidane happy. Meanwhile, Getafe’s midfield seemed non-existent. In the 56th min, Bale and Ronaldo were once again seen around the Getafe box, as they got denied the chance to get shots away. Vergini then managed to hack the ball clear. In the 61st min, Alvaro Vazquez got booked for obstructing Benzema.

Isco and James
Isco and James celebrating the victory

In the 63rd min of the Real Madrid vs Getafe match, Lucas Vasquez made a tremendous pass to James, but the Columbian failed to trouble Guaita, and missed the target! Within a couple of minutes, Scepovic got pulled back by Varane, and this led to a free-kik situation for Getafe. Vergini hoisted into the area, and sent a delivery to Sarabia, Navas made a save. With just about 20 min left to go, Getafe started to show some life, again. Sarabia hooked the ball to the back post, but Scepovic couldn’t get the telling touch. Real, meanwhile, looked a little rattled, as Marcelo failed to take the defence position in time. In the 74th min, Ronaldo was seen zooming in between two players, and seemed to have a clear run on goal at the back post, but Vigaray made a superb sliding interception, yet again.

In the 76th min, an infraction was seen in the box, as Getafe scrambled to turn the ball home. A touch by Marcelo into the arms of Navas was judged as a back-pass, and Getafe won an indirect free-kick. But, Navas made the block. In the 80th min, Alvaro Vasquez got away with a clumsy barge into the back of Jese, but the referee refused to award the penalty. Moments later, Vigaray put his body on the line, and almost got a painful knock for his troubles. In the 83rd min, Moi Gomez assisted Sarabia, who took advantage of the assist, and scored the first goal for Getafe! Minutes later, Moi Gomez got booked for his clumsy challenge on Kroos!

Real Madrid
Real Madrid celebrating their success

At just 5 min left of the match, Getafe suddenly picked pace. Was there still hope left for the home team? Before anyone could predict a conclusion, Rodriguez sealed the deal with yet another goal for Real, after a superb assistance from Vasquez. Right in the last min, Nacho got booked for stepping forward to challenge a Getafe player. At the end of the 90 min, 2 min were added to the match. Ronaldo grabbed the chance, as he and Jese clear of the defence and onside, and taking a pass from the latter, scored the 5th goal for Real!

Thus, the Real Madrid vs Getafe match got wrapped up, with the scoreboard reading Getafe 1-5 Real Madrid. Real walked out with a good win, and provisionally reduced the advantage of Barcelona at the top of the table to a single point.

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