Madrid climbs to the top after clinching victory in Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match

Real Madrid came face to face with Real Sociedad at Santiago Bernabeu in a La Liga clash. Before the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match, the host was at the third position in the table, even though it had bagged a massive 10-2 win against Rayo Vallecano. The guests, on the other hand, were only 2 points clear of the relegation zone, even after the improvement brought to the team by Eusebio Sacristan.

Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad [Highlights]

As the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match, the first shooting opportunity went to the guests, with Jonathan knocking the ball to Canales, but the midfielder was off balance, and the chance was lost. As expected, Madrid enjoyed possession for most of the time since about the 4th min of the game, and in the 5th min, Madrid threatened their guests as Pepe climbed highest inside the area to meet a corner, and drew a great stop from Rulli. The 2nd chance of the match was missed, too, as Bale failed to make a clean connection. Despite the home team’s dominating gameplay, Sociadad seemed pretty confident.

Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad [All Goals]

In the 8th min of the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match, the 2nd chance came along Madrid’s way, with Bale feeding the ball into the path of Ronaldo, but Rulli denied his efforts. But chances kept flowing through the match. In the 12th min, the guests had their opportunity to score, as Yuri’s shot deflected out for a corner, from which Inigo Martinez lost his marker, and met a cross that was not well done. Another chance for the visitors came in the 14th min, with Navas blocking Agirretxe’s effort.

RMD Vs Real Sociedad
Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad : Marvelous attack by the whites

In the 22nd min of the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match, Jonathan got a chance to shoot, as he wove his way to the edge of the area, but his strike was tame enough to be controlled by keeper of the host team. A minute later, Madrid got presented a glorious chance to take the lead, as they received a penalty when Martinez bumped into Benzema. But, Ronaldo fired over the bar from 12 yards, and missed the chance. 4 min later, Rulli made a great save as Benzema made a strike straight to the keeper. The match continued, and in the 32nd min, Yuri saw the first yellow card of the match for a mistimed sliding challenge on Bale.

Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad
Cristiano Ronaldo Celebrating His Marvelous Goal

This was one exciting match! Chances and saves kept being tossed around. In the 40th min, Madrid earned themselves another penalty shot, as Bale’s cross hit Yuri’s leg and bounced back to him, with no particular efforts or moves from Yuri, and 3 min before the half time came to an end, Ronaldo scored! After 2 additional min, the first half of the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match came to an end. The scoreboard read Real Madrid 1-0 Real Sociedad.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo Showing His Immense Skill

As the second half began, an early chance came for Sociedad, but Navas passed the test quite well. But, this was followed by a cracking strike by Bruma, who managed to score for Sociedad in the 49th min. Madrid was now in the mood to avenge the equalizer. A chance to lead came for the guests, but Navas saved it. Rulli, too, made a cracking save in the 58th min. The pressure that had been built on both the teams seemed to take a toll, as an untimed challenge against Pepe earned Illarramendi a yellow card. Then, in the 67th min of the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match, Ronaldo scored a goal against the guests, to be followed by a chance for the hosts, which the guests’ keeper stopped.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid celebrating their victory against Real Sociedad

With about 10 min left till the end of the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match, Sociedad tried its best to even the score. Martinez and Carlos’ combined efforts even brought them a chance, but it didn’t lead to a change in the score. In the 86th min, a cross from Ronaldo to Bale led the ball to Vazquez, who sealed the fate of the match with yet another goal for Real Madrid. It seemed that Madrid would lead the table, after all.

After 3 additional minutes at the end of the second half of the Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad match, during which Ronaldo sought to score another one for the team, the match came to an end. The scoreboard read Real Madrid 3-1 Real Sociedad. Despite a challenging opposition, Real finally climbe to the top of the La Liga table.

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