Manchester United Target Pedro Confirms He Will Move To England

There have been many recent changes in Man United’s lineup and now Pedro Rodriguez is thought to be on his way to Manchester United’s stable (Old Trafford) and reports from various sports agencies suggest that Pedro has already settled his wages.

Manchester United Transfer Window
Pedro and his move to Manchester United

The Spanish daily Sport is claiming that the 28-year-old striker will be banking £3.5m annually for a five-year contract that he has signed with Manchester United.

On the other hand, the Red Devils (Manchester United) are haggling over Pedro Rodriguez fee. However, their interest in the player is likely to trigger Pedro’s £22m release clause should the two teams not reach a compromise.

As it is, Rodriguez is sincerely looking for a chance to get more play time and since Manchester United has released Angel Di, Maria, to move to Paris St-Germain. The Red Devils are desperately in search of a replacement.

Manchester United
Pedro – The New Sensation of Manchester United

Meanwhile, Barcelona’s manager (Luis Enrique) came out stating that he wishes that his top seed player Pedro Rodriguez would consider staying at Camp Nou.

He spoke out after reports from the Spanish Capital suggested that Rodriguez an exceptional midfielder is just about to complete his move to Old Trafford.

Free bet offers are on right now in favour of the 28-year-old’s move to Old Trafford in the current transfer window. Pedro Rodriguez heightened the momentum for the free bets as he suggested that he was uncertain about his future at FC Barcelona.

Pedro – The New Prodigy of Soccer


Pedro Rodriguez decided to dump his Spanish football side in favour of Manchester United after he witnessed last season his play time get restriction. The Spanish team put more emphasis on players such as Neymar, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi to cover the attacking positions.

Who Is Pedro Rodriguez

Pedro Rodriguez is the man that has sparked a surge in free bet offers, punters bet that he will be signed by English Premier League Club Manchester United. The Spanish International star has his eye cast at debuting in the English Premier League.

Moreover, his former club president came to confirm that the rumours were true, and Rodriguez has shared with his family and close friends that he intends to move to England.

Pedro – Will he be the new star of Manchester United

Spanish newspaper Sport recently published that Pedro’s move to Old Trafford could be in just a matter of hours. The reason being, Manchester United’s vice-chairman (Ed Woodward) was going into a meeting with Barcelona officials on the 4th of August.

The purpose of the scheduled meeting was to push Pedro Rodriguez move to the English Club. Punters that participated on free bet offers and speculated that the players move would cost the club £19m were right on point.

Spanish newspaper Sport wrote that the Red Devils gave out a bid for USD $29.6 (£19m) to finalize the deal. However, FC Barcelona were sticking to their guns and pushed for £21m. But the likelihood is, the final deal is likely to be concluded when both teams agree to meet halfway.

Manchester United
Pedro – Transfer window of Manchester United

FC Barcelona’s manager Enrique has however come back to insist that he wishes Pedro, who plays the winger position to remain at Camp Nou. However, he made it clear that it is impossible for him to stop his departure should Pedro remain adamant on moving.

Luis Enrique

Barcelona’s manager Luis Enrique voiced his opinion stating that Pedro is an excellent player, and he hopes that he chooses to remain with the Spanish side. He expressed his opinion ahead of the pre-season game that Barcelona is supposed to play against Roma.

Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique – The Legendary Coach

He confirmed that the club is not signing in new players and players will only leave the club when they feel the need to go. Meanwhile, Louis Van Gaal (United’s manager), keeps on encouraging punters to place free bets in favour of the club as he has successfully made five additions to his team.

The 2015-2016 season looks like will have a lot of competitions in the English Premier League as teams do their best to create a dream line up.

Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique – Shouting to Stardom

This article was written by Tony Samboras who is a major fan of EPL. When Tony is not looking at the latest transfers and rumours and he is always keen on writing about the latest free betting announcements.

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