Marion Bartoli will be back at Wimbledon!!! But only for legends event

Marion Bartoli will be back at Wimbledon

Tennis – Fans of Marion Bartoli hoping and praying that the Frenchwoman will make a comeback to defend her Wimbledon title in June will just have to face the reality that Bartoli is just not coming back to tennis.

Bartoli told reporters in Melbourne that she will play at Wimbledon but only in the legend event and that her body does not permit her to play competitively again. Bartoli retired from tennis just 40 days after winning the biggest title in the sport.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Bartoli commented, “I’m still so passionate about tennis. Unfortunately I can’t play anymore because of my body, but the passion is still inside, definitely. The shoulder is basically damaged forever and I can’t serve anymore. Don’t expect me to cry or have tears in my eyes. I have the luxury to say I walk out of the game as the Wimbledon champion and believe me, that’s not happening to everyone.”

Bartoli has been keeping herself busy with commentating for Eurosport, designing shoes accessories for the Philadelphia 76ers and launching her own wristband collection.