Match Report: Real Madrid vs Granada 6/5/2017

Real Madrid walked out with a grand victory in a La Liga match against Granada at os Cármenes. In the past, Real Madrid has had some of the grandest victories against Granada, the most prominent being the match in 2015 in which they gained a victory of 9-1, with Ronaldo alone scoring 5 goals, including his fastest ever hat trick.

Match Report: Real Madrid vs Granada 6/5/2017

Real Madrid vs Granada 6/5/2017

In this match, however, Ronaldo was off the squad. But, that did not stop the RMA boys from playing a brilliant game and gaining a stunning victory against Granada once again. Just 3 min after starting the game, real Madrid had its first goal, scored by James Rodriguez as he netted a brilliant pass by Lucas Vazquez.

Again, in the 11th min, Real Madrid’s lead went up by yet another goal as James scored his second shot of the match. Vazquez took a brilliant run with the ball which was recovered by Coentrao, and James smashed the pass into the bottom corner of the opponent’s net.

Real Madrid continued to dominate the field, and in the 30th min of the match, the team’s score shot up to 3 goals, as Alvaro Morata smashed a brilliant pass by Danillo into the opponent’s box. Real Madrid’s dominance continued, and in the 34th min, Morata yet again scored a beautiful goal after an easy run past Holga. At the end of the first half, the scoreboard read Granada 0-4 Real Madrid.

The second half of the match was much slower. Considering Real Madrid had scored 4 goals in the first half alone, it was almost predictable that they would score a few more goals in the second half. Unfortunately, Real Madrid failed to secure any other goal in the second half. However, they did their best, and came close to scoring a couple of times. But Granada had picked up their pace to ensure that their defense would be strong. They also had a couple of chances to score, but Real Madrid’s defense was too strong for them to break. At the end of the match, the scoreboard read Granada 0-4 Real Madrid.