The Brazilian sensation 22 year old Neymar, has rocketed in popularity since joining Camp Nou last season but he remains lagging behind his Argentine colleague “Leo Messi” when it comes to global appeal and quality.
In the past week or so, Lional Messi has become the all time top scorer in La Liga history and also in the Champions League, ensuring Neymar Jr has plenty to live up to if he wants to match the mercurial Messi.
But, when it comes to skill games, it’s a level playing field! The Barcelona stars were challenged with touching the ball as many times while doing “keepy ups” over the space of 60 seconds as part of a Barcelona’s promotional event.
Who came out as the “keepy up” champion? Watch the video below to find out!

Messi Vs Neymar Keepy Up Challenge Keepy Up

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[Video] Messi Vs Neymar Keepy Up Challenge
[Video] Messi Vs Neymar Keepy Up Challenge