Handsome Soccer Players 2016

Football is an enormously popular sport which has produced many remarkable and energetic players. Football has got the most attractive personalities which is one aim why the game attracts the most spectators towards it. The sport is similarly famous among children as well as the youngsters. It is the only game that has a record of highest number of audience in a single match. Football here is our pick of the top 10 handsome soccer players 2016.

Top 10 Handsome Soccer Players 2016

10. Thibaut Courtois

Handsome Soccer Players 2016

Our countdown of top 10 Handsome Soccer Players 2016 arises with Chelsea and Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtious. On the 13th of May 2014, Thibaut Courtois was called for FIFA World Cup 2014 which was held in Brazil. He played all games through the opposition, but accepted extra time goal in the quarter final against runners-up Argentina.

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9. Isco

Handsome Soccer Players 2016

After Thibaut Courtois, there is a Spanish attacking midfielder who is famed among girls for his attractiveness and elegance of play.  In the year of 2012, he was presented with the Golden Boy award. With this success, Real Madrid took attention on him and signed him for 30 million Euros in 2013. Being a midfielder for Malaga, Isco recorded 14 goals after playing 69 games.

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8. Cesc Fabregas

Handsome Soccer Players 2016

The Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas is on the 8th spot in top 10 handsome soccer players 2016. He also made his place in the list of most handsome football players in 2016. Cesc Fabregas is married to Daniella Semaan and the couple has a pretty daughter named Lia. This young talent has played more than 80 games for his club. He has scored more than 20 goals.

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