Popular Boxing Matches

Boxing is perhaps one of the oldest sports in the history. This battle between two opponents is not just a battle of strength and speed. It is a conflict of an athletes’ will, power of endurance and stamina. For years, boxing has evolved with a change of concepts and rules making it still more interesting and giving rise to some of the greatest and brightest stars in the history of boxing.

The back and forth mat action between the most prominent stars has often kept us well entertained and on the edges of our seats. These heroic boxing icons have provided us with some of the most amazing matches and jaw-dropping moments that can never be forgotten. Here we relive some of the most “Popular Boxing Matches“, Most Famous Boxing Matches of the world and their most amazing and breathtaking moments.

Most Popular Boxing Matches in History

Mohammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier (1975)

Greatest Boxing Match in History. The fight dubbed as “Thrilla in Manilla” was the most epic boxing battle one has ever seen or witnessed. Ali and Frazier had previously met in two battles in 1971 and 1974. The last of their matches had some serious refereeing issues which made it a tough decision to choose a referee for this bout which was expected to be pretty intense. The fight began in extremely hot conditions and it is rumored that the in ring temperature was about 49 0C due to additional lightning. Ali had the upper hand in the first 2 rounds throwing punches left, right and center. Frazier lost his balance at least twice in the early going. It was not until the 3rd round that Frazier found an opening, landing some shots of his own. Frazier completely dominated the 5th and 6th rounds before Ali could get his bearings back. After 14 rounds of vicious back and forth action, referee ended the bout declaring Mohammad Ali as the winner by TKO.

Mike Tyson vs. Larry Holmes (1988)

one of the Most Popular Boxing Match. The dream match was organized when “Iron Mike” was on top of his gaming. He had won all of his title matches that year. Before the fight, Larry Holmes was hurled a lot of criticism on Tyson, claiming that he will knock him out and often labeling him as a ‘dirty fighter.’ The match was dominated by Tyson for most of the part. He was aggressive from the moment the bell rang to the very end. In the fourth round, Tyson caught him off balance twice. Holmes got back to his feat both the times before Tyson finally caught him with a decisive blow after which referee stopped the fight. Tyson was awarded the win via TKO.

Evander Holyfield vs. Mike Tyson (1996)

Another Thrilling Moment in Boxing History.
The fight entitled “Finally” took place in November of 1996 was perhaps the greatest upsets in the history of boxing. The fight was also extremely vicious and dirty with fist exchanges after the bell and some ominous intended head butts which were taken as being “accidental.” Tyson landed the first real blow of the match but was later out classed by Holyfield who landed some serious punches and combinations. He countered Tyson many times throwing him into the corner and landing him with blows. Holyfield was showing some massive strength as he was overpowering “Iron Mike” constantly. Tyson was able to regain some of his usual flair in the 5th round, landing some great blows of his own. However, for the rest of the bout, he took the beating as Holyfield countered again and again with his combinations. In the tenth round, Tyson was knocked off balance but was able to get back up for another round. However, another amazing combination by Holyfield was enough to garner him an astonishing and famous victory over Mike Tyson, earning himself the WBA world heavyweight championship.

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