Moments of the Brazil 2014 World Cup

The Brazil 2014 World Cup is now comes to End, with Germany has Won the Mega event in style. By now, many of us have already watched an insane amount of soccer at the expense of good sense, family and work. With all the hype surrounding one of the biggest tournaments in the world, the World Cup has more than delivered in the course of the last one month. Fantastic games, excellent individual performances, bites, scandals and some funny moments have decorated the 2014 World Cup. Today, we will look at some of the most memorable and must-see moments from the World Cup so far.

Must See Moments of the Brazil 2014 World Cup

The second half between Mexico and Brazil

Must See Moments of the Brazil 2014 World CupDraws, especially scoreless ones, are the bane of many sport fans, but the second half between Mexico and Brazil was absolutely exciting. The Mexican goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa, stopped shot after shot, prompting the commentator to proclaim, “Are they building a statue for him back in Mexico City or what?!”

Colombia’s epic dance

Must See Moments of the Brazil 2014 World Cup

It was really fun to watch Colombia score because they have at least a dozen choreographed dances prepared to celebrate their goals! Whenever a Colombian player scores, it sparks an amazing group dance with the entire Colombian team. Now, that’s how you celebrate a goal!

Luis Suarez takes a bite from Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini

Must See Moments of the Brazil 2014 World Cup

After sitting out the opening game to recover from a knee surgery, Luis Suarez played in Uruguay’s second game against England and netted two goals that crushed England’s dreams of advancing. However, Suarez was too hungry to lead Uruguay to a World Cup and unfortunately for Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, he has a taste for Italian. About ten minutes into Uruguay’s game against Italy, Suarez sunk his teeth into Chiellini’s shoulder. Chiellini showed his shoulder to the referee to prove he has been bitten, but Suarez was not booked despite Chiellini’s protests. He did, however, get a four-month ban after the match.

Robin van Persie’s incredible diving header

Must See Moments of the Brazil 2014 World Cup

The Dutch striker, Robin van Persie, scored one of the most impressive goals in the tournament with a diving header against Spain in the Group B match on June 13. The dazzling head-first shot helped Netherlands secure a 5-1 win against the team they lost to in the 2010 World Cup final.

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