Oldest players to score a century in Test

Jack Hobbs during a match

No doubt, Jack Hobbs was cricket’s most prolific batsman but he is also the oldest batsman who scored a century in Test cricket. Jack Hobbs who is known as “The Master” among cricket fans has scored a hundred at the age of 46y 82d.

Recently West Indies batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul scored a century against Bangladesh during their two matches series in the Caribbean Islands. He achieved this feat when he was 40.28 years old and made him sixteenth oldie to get this unique record.

Here we present you a list of top 16 oldest players to have scored a century in Test cricket:

Oldest players to score a century in Test cricket

Player Age Runs Team Opposition Match Date
Jack Hobbs 46y 82d 142 England v Australia 8 Mar 1929
EH Hendren 45y 151d 132 England v Australia 6 Jul 1934
W Bardsley 43y 202d 193* Australia v England 26 Jun 1926
AW Nourse 42y 291d 111 South Africa v Australia 12 Nov 1921
FE Woolley 42y 61d 154 England v South Africa 27 Jul 1929
EAB Rowan 42y 6d 236 South Africa v England 26 Jul 1951
RB Simpson 41y 359d 100 Australia v India 28 Jan 1978
WW Armstrong 41y 265d 123* Australia v England 11 Feb 1921
TW Graveney 41y 263d 105 England v Pakistan 6 Mar 1969
HW Taylor 41y 241d 117 South Africa v England 1 Jan 1931
B Sutcliffe 41y 108d 151* New Zealand v India 5 Mar 1965
G Boycott 41y 63d 105 England v India 23 Dec 1981
GA Gooch 40y 314d 210 England v New Zealand 2 Jun 1994
AD Nourse 40y 207d 208 South Africa v England 7 Jun 1951
CH Lloyed 40y 84d 114 West Indies v Australia 23 Nov 1984
S Chanderpaul 40y 28d 101* West Indies v Bangladesh 13 Sep 2014

Note: Stats updated till October 24, 2014

These were the Oldest players to score a century in Test.

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