PCB warns Afridi not to join PTI’s procession

PCB warns Afridi not to join PTI’s procession

PCB warns Afridi not to join PTI’s procession: It is reported that   PCB warns Afridi not to participate in Imran Khan’s procession  otherwise board will take action against him. A few days before Afridi made phone call to Imran and congratulated him on successful election campaign and not only assured him for his support but also  made him assure that he must participate in upcoming procession going to held in Karachi. When the news appeared in media Pakistan Cricket Board came in action and warned Afridi not to participate in procession otherwise be ready for action.

PCB further explained that Board prohibits the player of contract for any political activity. In the mentioned  matter Afridi did not apply for any permission in front of board so if he participates the board has right to do action against him.

It is important to mention that a few weeks ago Afridi also met Shrif Brothers of PML(N)  and there was also rumor that Afridi is going to join PMLN but later Afridi denied the news saying that he met Nawaz Shrif for condolence of his brother and there was not any political motive.

Afridi is realy a superstar having a lot of fame in and out of country so his participation in any political party will make a lot of support among masses.Now many political entities are showing different reaction on this news. Some are criticizing the action of PCB and others are appreciating it. Being a cricketer Afridi has association with Imran Khan but till now he avoided any political support for Imran Khan although different young people from different walks of society have joined Imran for political change

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