Most Popular Football Matches 2016

Football is the world’s most popular and most viewed sport and as such there are many matches every year that catch the imagination of millions of football fans worldwide. Matches become really important because of the situations surrounding it like if it’s a cup match, important league match or a rivals match and thus greater the stakes, the more that the fans enjoy. Here we countdown the Most Popular Football Matches 2016.

Most Popular Football Matches 2016

10. Leverkusen vs Roma

Popular Football Matches 2016

At number 10 in Most Popular Football Matches 2016 is Leverkusen vs Roma. This Champions League match has the record of the highest scoring draw in Champions League history. The match started with Leverkusen up by two goals but then Roma thundered in 4 goals to set the score 2-4 but two late goals saved the day for Leverkusen and Hernandez emerged as their most instrumental player. One hell of a match which is still on the back of the heads of all football fans.

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9. Liverpool vs Arsenal

Popular Football Matches 2016

At number 9 is Liverpool vs Arsenal. An important tie considering the league standings and both the teams didn’t disappoint. Great crowd, quality football, stellar performances, great goals and a touch of drama and you have one of the best games of this season of EPL. Though the game ended 3-3, the tension was high till the last minute which saw the equalizer.

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8. Chelsea vs PSG

Popular Football Matches 2016

At number 8 in Most Popular Football Matches 2016 is Chelsea vs PSG. The match was as important as it gets, a match to decide who goes into the top 8 of Champions League and as on such important games the temper also started flaring between the players with plenty of fouls, interruptions and even a red card. The match ended with a 2-2 draw but PSG managed to get into the next round on account of away goals rule.

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