Ten Soccer Goals

soccer is the game you love, in-fact most loved game in the world, there is no way you would not know about the popular goals scored in the game. In order to make you feel like a pro at soccer, below is quick list of top ten goals that left the audience stunned. Let’s kick it:

Most Popular Top Ten Soccer Goals


10. Marco Van Basten: Striking at an unusual goal, Basten left the audience in awe when he managed to score this goal against the Soviet Union.

9. Tony Yeboah’s Winning Move: Yeboah in the act to warm up takes a number of touches before finally hitting the final goal that not only brought victory to the team but also made him the winner of the Goal of the Season award.


8. Diego Maradona: Scoring the Hand of God goal in the match against England, made 1986 Maradona‘s year and his World Cup too. He was arrogant, talented and a player with excellent abilities.