HD Highlights and Review: Real defeats guests in the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match

Real Madrid faced Villarreal on 20th April, 2016 at Bernabeu. Real was looking for their eighth straight La Liga win. So, the fans of Real waited for a nail-biting show during the Real Mardid vs Villarreal match.

Real Madrid vs Villarreal [Highlights]

The match began, and Villarreal was seen to be extremely comfortable in possession. Denis Suarez showed some smart footwork, and the visitors showed great confidence. In the 8th min, Mario narrowly escaped a booking after a late challenge on Ronaldo. A minute later, Benzema made a great strike, and Asenjo was seen going down to keep it out. The match continued without too many remarkable moments, and in the 14th min, Kroos drove the pass towards Benzema, but Bailly made the clearance.

Villarreal definitely seemed confident and balanced in their game around the 20th min, but, as Trigueros brought Danilo down to the deck, Real had a free kick from a dangerous position. Ronaldo made the shot, and drove the ball straight to the wall. In the 26th min, Bailly collided with his teammate Mario, and he did not look too comfortable. It looked like Real would take advantage of this, since Villarreal’s defence had been strong so far.

Real Madrid vs Villarreal
Cristiano Ronaldo showing his excellent skills

With half an hour of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match already gone, Benzema was seen making an attack after a smart pass from Danilo, but the effort fell through. Villarreal again enjoyed possession for a while. In the 33rd min, Vasquez struck towards the goal after meeting a pass from Modric, but, despite great technique, the delivery went wide of the post. A half chance came in the way of the home team, as Ronaldo got down the left before delivering a smart cross towards Benzema, but Bailly again made an excellent clearance. Frustration grew for Real fans as Ronaldo sent a delivery over the crossbar in the 41st min.

Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema on the way of scoring

In the 41st min, Asenjo palmed a low cross from Ronaldo. It went in the way of Benzema, who made use of the opportunity, and drove the ball straight into the Villarreal box, scoring the first goal for Real Madrid! Navas blocked a delivery from Suarez in the 43rd min, and at the end of the first half of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 1-0 Villarreal.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo in a chase against Villarreal defense

The second half of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match began, and the two teams seemed fully charged. Modric’s strike deflected wide of the post as Real threatened a second goal in the 48th min. Ronaldo’s header in the next minute to meet Kroos’ delivery went over the crossbar. Modric again came close in the 51st sec. It looked like Villarreal found it difficult to match up with Real. In the 54th min, Marcelo made a dangerous delivery, but it was too high for Benzema, and Villarreal managed to clear. However, real continued to maintain a dominating stance.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo
Cristiano Ronaldo and Marcelo celebrating the marvelous victory

In the 56th min, Ronaldo missed another target. Soon, he faced a challenge from Rukavina inside the Villarreal box, and he wanted a corner, but it did not happen. Ronaldo continued to make efforts to get the better of Bailly, but his efforts didn’t translate to any change in score. In the 69th min of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match, Vasquez received a stunning assist from Benzema, and score for Real Madrid for the second time! Not even 10 min had passed since the 2nd goal that Modric was seen volleying a superb cross from Danilo into the Villarreal box. This was the 3rd goal for the home team!

Real Madrid
Real Madrid celebrating their win

The match continued, without much to draw attention. Suarez fired a free kick that went straight to Navas. In the 89th min, Ronaldo set Marcelo up inside the box, who, in turn, sent a cross towards Benzema in the box, but it bounced off his shoulders. At the end of 90 min, 3 additional min were played, during which Villarreal faced a half chance. At the end of the Real Madrid vs Villarreal match, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 3-0 Villarreal.

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