Real Madrid vs Getafe : Real moves up a spot temporarily, after winning in the Real Madrid vs Getafe match in La Liga

After maintaining their position in the third position, Real Madrid came face to face with Getafe in the La Liga match at the Bernabeu. Real Madrid had won 12 out of 13 league matches against Getafe, including 7 consecutive victories in this particular stadium. The kickoff was at 3 pm, and the Real Madrid vs Getafe match in La Liga began on a beautiful pitch.

Real Madrid vs Getafe Highlights:

It was not expected that Getafe would be able to bring their A game in the first few minutes of course, but what happened in the 4th min was a little premature – Benzema scored the first goal for Real against Getafe, as he volleyed into the box after receiving a cross from Pepe. Whether it was a shaky defence by Getafe was not to be known for sure so early in the game, but the goal had definitely boosted Real’s confidence.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Goal Against Getafe:

Ronaldo, too, seemed to be ready to carry on the legacy of victory against Getafe. In the 8th min, Ronaldo made a stinging strike, but Guaita managed to save it. 2 min later, Benzema was about to make his second score, but a brilliant save was made by Guaita.

Real Madrid vs Getafe
James Rodriguez on a chase with Getafe defenders

By the time the match completed its first 15 min, it was clear that Real was completely dominating the match. And, it became even clearer when in the 16th min, Benzema scored his second goal. As the hosts doubled their lead, it seemed that the fate of the Real Madrid vs Getafe match had been sealed. The minutes rolled on, and there seemed to be no remarkable improvement in the guests’ game, until a half-chance appeared for them in the 27th min, though the effort fell through.

Real Madrid vs Getafe
Gareth Bale celebrating his goal

In the 32nd min, Ronaldo’s effort to score a free kick went wide off the mark, as Guaita seemed to be bringing his best for his team. In the 35th min, however, Real took their revenge, and Bale scored the third goal for the team. This was closely followed by yet another goal in the 38th min, this time, by Ronaldo. While Getafe tried really hard to salvage the match, Real continued to dominate. At the end of the first half and an additional 1 min, the scoreboard said Real Madrid 4-0 Getafe.

Real Madrid vs Getafe
The mesmerizing Cristiano Ronaldo

As the second half began, Real Madrid came dangerously close to another goal, in the 49th min, as Benzema collected a loose header from Cala, but his curling effort did not work. The match continued, and Real Madrid mostly enjoyed possession. There were a few late challenges, but the referee refused to book the players, as he made just one booking. Getafe brought a number of substitutions, and suddenly, with only 20 min left of the game, it seemed to work, as Alexis scored a goal for Getafe.

Real Madrid vs Getafe
Los Blancos celebrating the victory of Real Madrid vs Getafe match

The two teams got fiercer, and Ronaldo hovered around the opponents’ box, but the danger was averted by the guests. The end of the La Liga match drew nearer, and Getafe continued to maintain a decent game, while Ronaldo looked frustrated. In the 85th min, Kroos even fired straight into the arms of Guaita. But, at this point, it was fairly clear where the Real Madrid vs Getafe match was headed.

Real Madrid vs Getafe
The Victory celebration of Real Madrid

Gatafe enjoyed the last few minutes of possession, until the second half came to an end, with 2 additional minutes, after which the Real Madrid vs Getafe match came to an end. Final score read Real Madrid 4-1 Getafe, helping Real Madrid move up a spot.