RMA clinches 2nd place in La Liga table after winning Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna match

Real Madrid came face to face with Deportivo La Coruna for a La Liga clash on May 14 at the Estadio Riazor on the final weekend of the season. Real Madrid entered the match knowing that a win in this match, along with Barca’s loss against Granada would only help them to win for the first time since 2012. Deportivo on the other hand had secured their league status for another season, and still had the chance to finish in the top half of the table. So the Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna match began under much speculation and tension.

Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna [Highlights]


The match began, and as expected, Real took over the possession at an early stage, and started dominating over the home team. Deportivo could not get out in the opening stages, while Real maintained relentless pressure. Real’s early dominance paid off in the 7th min, as they patiently built an attack, and made a breakthrough down the left. Ronaldo took Benzema’s missed hit, and drove it straight into the host team’s box, scoring the first goal of the match in favour of Real Madrid. This was also Ronaldo’s 50th goal of the season.

Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna [All Goals]



The match continued, and in the 14th min, Real got another huge chance, as Ramos managed a clear at the ball from the corner, but his effort did not lead to a second goal. Real, however, continued to dominate, until, in the 18th min of the Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna match, the home team started to do a little better. However, whenever they got into a forward area, the ball slipped away.

Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna
Luka Modric showing his skills

The Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna match reached the 25th min, and as Arribas went down the area after tussling with Bale, and the ball went to Ronaldo who sent it into the opponent’s box yet again, scoring the second goal in favour of Real Madrid. The hosts tried to respond with Cartabia collecting possession on the right before ducking inside and going for goal. But his ambitious shot didn’t even go near Navas. Moments later, Ronaldo and Benzema tried to grab a chance, but their efforts fell through, and Ronaldo seemed very angry with himself. He kept focusing his anger towards scoring for his team, but his effort in the 34th min went off the bar.  A couple of minutes later, Fajr picked the ball for Deportivo and made a shot from a difficult angle. He could not make use of the chance, even though he came close.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo way through deportivo defense

Another chance came for Real Madrid in the 45th min, but missed it, and Ronaldo’s free kick hit the wall before his effort to deflect it to Casemiro. But it didn’t translate to a goal, and at the end of the first half of the Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna match, the scoreboard read Deportivo 0-2 Real Madrid.

The second half of the match began, and in the 50th min, James cut inside and went for a goal, but it went straight to the keeper. Kroos’ mistimed sliding challenge earned him a yellow card, the first one in the match. Navas made an amazing save in the 54th min, as Perez picked the ball up outside the box and fired it a low effort. In the 57th min, Mosquera became the first player from the home team to get a yellow card, following a foul on Casemiro. Deportivo produced a good pass but Pablo took it upon himself to race up there. This could have been a good goal, but it didn’t work.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his goal

In the 65th min, Deportivo again came close, as Sidnei went forward from defence and played a lovely one-two just outside the area before hitting one that took a slight deflection on its way wide. A few minutes later, Bergantinos made a great shot, but it was too high, and flew over the crossbar. Another chance came in the way of the home team, as Rober attacked Perez’s cross and nodded a downward header towards the goal, but his shot went straight to Navas, who blocked the chance.

Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema showing his attacking skills

In the last few minutes of the Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna match, chances kept flying, and Ramos and Modric got booked for their challenges. After 2 additional minutes, the Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruna match came to its end. The scoreboard read Deportivo 0-2 Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Barcelona clinched a 3-0 win against Granada. The La Liga season thus came to an end, with Barcelona at the top of the table, and Real Madrid in the second position.