Who is Robelinda and How he collects Cricket Videos.

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PakPassion.net is proud to present an interview with the YouTube Cricketing Sensation – Robelinda! Personally, since I do some cricket video editing myself, I know how much hard work goes into it so I cant even imagine how much time and effort Robelinda has put into his amazing YouTube channel.

I would like to thank Robelinda for taking the time out to answer our questions with some great responses. I am sure all of you will enjoy it!

Who is Robelinda and How he collects Cricket Videos.

PakPassion.net: How did you develop an interest in creating cricket videos? Were you inspired by someone?

Robelinda: In the 80’s and 90’s I used to watch Channel 9’s short three or four minute innings highlights they used to show during the tea break in Tests, so as a teenager I started making them for myself using two VCR’s. I would make highlights of every match and batsman’s innings. I have always made my own highlights because the networks are so incompetent at making them themselves. I still have all my edited videos from the 80’s. I have put them all on DVD now and it’s ended up being a 115-DVD set of classic innings and matches- pretty sensational stuff to watch!
PakPassion.net: Copyright is an obvious issue. Are you worried that this could land you in trouble one day?

Robelinda: No, this isn’t an issue. YouTube would just terminate my channel like they do to other channels everyday. You get three copyright strikes and then you get terminated. I’ve had three in total but managed to get them overturned as most were from bogus Indian companies. One of the current company I’m dealing with is from India – they are claiming hundreds of my videos and using the most ridiculous statements. I’m having no trouble getting each claim of theirs overturned very quickly. Absolute scam artists.
PakPassion.net: Do famous cricketers ever write to you and request certain clips of themselves?

Robelinda: Yes this has happened a few times and it’s pretty cool! Stuart MacGill was the first, he is a genuinely nice guy and I try my best to help out! My favourite was when Ricky Ponting mentioned a video of mine at a press conference – that was great.
PakPassion.net: Which cricket player do you think is the biggest match-winner?

Robelinda: Well the stats don’t lie, bowlers like Donald and McGrath were the biggest match winners. From memory McGrath has played in 62% wins, incredible.
PakPassion.net: Who is your favourite player and/or team?

Robelinda: My favourite team has always been the West Indies, due to their stunning cricket in the 1980’s. Sad they are in such terminal decline now.
PakPassion.net: What Test series do you think has been the best so far since 2000?

Robelinda: Hard to go past the 2005 Ashes. The 2004 series in India, which Australia won, was brilliant too. England winning in the West Indies and South Africa in 2004 were awesome to watch.
PakPassion.net: What’s your opinion on Sub-continental cricket fans? Who do you think is the most supportive of them all and why?

Robelinda: Fans from the sub continent are mostly awesome. They love cricket. Would have to say Pakistan fans are the most supportive.
PakPassion.net:What is the highest level of cricket you have played and do you still play yourself?

Robelinda: No I don’t play any more – no time given work commitments and children. I played as an opening batsman for the First team, at sub-district level.
PakPassion.net: As an Australian, do you believe Murali’s action was legitimate?

Robelinda: Yes it was fine.
PakPassion.net: When did you start collecting videos, because it’s obvious most of them were taped before the advent of YouTube? Also, how do you find such rare footage?

Robelinda: I started in 1981, but didn’t record seriously until about 1986, but had many matches before that. Everything I have is just taped off TV, like everyone else from my generation.
PakPassion.net: It must be difficult storing all that old footage, where do you keep it? How do you store it?

Robelinda: I keep about 35 4TB hard drives full of footage, and I have about 25 DVD cases with 1,000 discs in each. It’s all fairly well organised, though its a lot of work sometimes and can get expensive!
PakPassion.net: Would you ever consider obtaining financial reward from your fans for posting videos full-time or via a website subscription service?

Robelinda: No, I never want to ever get money involved. When my channel gets shut down, I’ll disappear and that will be the end of it.
PakPassion.net: Of your whole collection of videos, which one is your favourite?

Robelinda: I quite like the Curtly Ambrose 71 wickets, the one-hour video of Ponting run outs, the one-hour of Joel Garner wickets, and the one-hour of Wasim and Waqar wickets.
PakPassion.net:What tools do you use to prepare your compilations?

Robelinda: I used to use two VCRs for editing – very old fashioned – but most of my videos were made this way, over 20 years ago. Then I switched to two DVD recorders. Now I used a Hauppuage PVR and my Macbook, and use either Final Cut Pro or iSkysoft iMedia Deluxe for editing. I’m actually quite poor at editing, I am not good at it and its a struggle to get the videos to a watch-able position. The footage is great but my editing is quite bad. I’m trying hard though!
PakPassion.net:Should Mohammad Amir be allowed to play again once he serves ban?
Robelinda: Yes, obviously. He is so young, absolutely deserves to play Test cricket again.
PakPassion.net:If you could travel back in time and be amongst the spectators for a particular game, which would it be?

Robelinda: Probably the 1981 MCG Test against the West Indies. Either that or some crazy Bradman match
PakPassion.net: Finally, is that you in your avatar?

Robelinda: Yes of course it is. I only ever use my real pictures in my various avatars. My face might be ugly but I don’t hide it!

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