HD Highlights and Review: Ronaldo helps team win Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match

HD Highlights and Review: Ronaldo helps team win Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match

Real Madrid came face to face with Wolfsburg for yet another match of the Champions League, held at Bernabeu. In their previous clash last week at Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg had bagged a shock victory, scoring 2-0 against Real. Naturally, their second Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg collision was a matter of great nervousness for the fans of the Spanish team.

Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg [Highlights]



As the match began, Real Madrid acquired possession of the ball within a couple of minutes. Modric targeted Benzema for a delivery, but the Frenchman moved to an offside position. As the match crossed its first 5 min, Benzema showed some amazing footwork, as he skipped clear of Vieirinha, but Naldo blocked him. This was followed by Ramos meeting a corner from Kroos, but the efforts ended up hitting the crossbar. In the 8th min, a half chance came in the way of Real again, as Modric delivered a low cross into the guests’ box, but Rodriguez’s challenge won the visitors a free kick.

Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg [Cristiano Ronaldo Hat-trick]


In the 11th min, Draxler delivered towards Dante, but the effort fell through. 2 min later, Benzema set Benzema up, who again delivered to Bale, only to be blocked by Draxler. Real was determined today, and in the 15th min, Ronaldo fired home at the far post, after a low cross from Carvajal came his way, thus scoring the first goal for Real Madrid. Not even a couple of minutes had passed since their first goal when Ronaldo fired the ball into the opponent’s box yet again, scoring the 2nd goal!


Cristiano Ronaldo in a chase against Wolfsburg

As the match continued, Wolfsburg enjoyed a brief period of possession, and had a free kick in a dangerous position, but none of it translated to a goal. The match continued. In the 28th min, Navas was seen blocking Gustavo’s effort, and in the 28th min, Benzema’s strike got stopped by Belangio. In the 34th min of the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg, Kruse was in the Real box, but Ramos stopped him. Then, Navas made another brilliant save, as Gustavo made a good effort. With a little more than 5 min left of the match, a sentational chance came for Wolfsburg, but Marcelo put a stop to Henrique’s effort. In the last minute, Marcelo was ruled offside following a period of home possession. After 2 additional min of the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 2-0 Wolfsburg.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale

Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale celebrating the victory

The second half of the match began, and the two teams picked up from where they had left the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match off in the first half. In the 49th min, Henrique delivered to Kruse, but Ramos was across to make a challenge. On the other side, Benzema tried to send a low cross to Bale, but Rodriguez put a stop to it. Both teams were fierce. As Kroos picked out Ronaldo with a clever corner, Kruse blocked the effort.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Amazing hat-trick of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match continued, with players from both the teams doing the best they could to score a goal or stop an opponent. Bale, Marcelo and Ronaldo all tried to net the ball or help a teammate in doing so, but to no avail. Meanwhile, Schurrle was also seen making an effort, but it fell through. In the 61st min, Benaglio got down to make the save after Modric’s low cross got deflected to the goal. But the visitors survived. About 5 min later, Ramos’ header hit the post, and in the 71st min, Navas made a save after Dante met a free kick from Rodriguez. After chances and half-chances, and the booking of Gustavo for a late challenge on Modric, Ronaldo sent a free kick into the bottom corner, scoring the 3rd goal for Real Madrid in the 76th min of the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg match.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrating his UCL hat-trick

More action followed till the end of the match, as Ronaldo and Dante got booked for late challenges on Arnold and Ronaldo respectively. Benaglio made some amazing saves, and in the last minute of the match, there was a chance for Real, as Jese set Bale inside the box, but his strike failed to increase the score of his team, as it went straight to the keeper. After the 90 min of the Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg came to an end, 3 min were added to the match, during which Vieirinha got booked for a late challenge on Bale, but nothing too significant happened. After the additional minutes, the scoreboard read Real Madrid 3-0 Wolfsburg. At the end of the night, Real Madrid walked with an aggregate of 3-2, all thanks to their star player, Ronaldo!