Ronaldo walks out with head hung low, as Bianconeri beats Real Madrid in Champions League Semifinal

Ronaldo walks out with head hung low, as Bianconeri beats Real Madrid to reach Champions League final in 12 years In the much awaited Champions League semi-final match, Juventus faced Real Madrid with their eyes on the first chance since 2003 to reach the finals of the Champions League. The first goal came within first 8 minutes, as Juventus’ Morata unexpectedly sent the ball right past the keeper, creating mayhem for Real Madrid, and the boys in black seemed a little shaken.

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But, a team of Madrico’s stature is not one that can take being outclassed by an Italian club that easily. Even as the free kick for Real Madrid did not help much, there was a change in the attitude of the Madricos, especially in Ronaldo, and in the 26th minute, Juvi’s goal was avenged by none other than Ronaldo himself.

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A few minutes before the semi-final’s first half came to an end, there was a close struggle at the Juvi goal post, as Ronaldo gave a head shot, which, only managed to hit the bar.

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With an even score from the first half, the two teams started the second half of the adrenaline-pumping match, and with the first minute of it, Tevez got himself a yellow card for a fairly basic challenge on Ramos, but that definitely did not curb his renewed vigour. And, he soon managed to help Juventus take the lead as he shot his 50th goal. It was a penalty shot presented to them after the foul move by Real Madrid.

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After there, there were several struggles at the Juvi goalpost, and try as he might, Ronaldo could not send the ball into the net. His frustration was evident, and this frustration slowly percolated to the other members of the team. The ball was at Xavi’s feet at one point during the last 10 minutes, but it did not last long, and did not help the Madricos. A close call was made by Juventus as well in the 86th minute of the game, but it didn’t result in a goal. With 3 minutes extra, and a free kick presented to Real Madrid, the boys in black tried to make good use of the last few minutes. However, their efforts fell through as the Italians reached the final, defeating Real Madrid with a score of 2-1.

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