Shortest Football Players

Football is no more a big man’s game. The game is now does not necessarily demands a strong, muscular presence of players but it has now got history and traditions of Shortest Football Players who’ve proved their technical abilities in the game. So that leaves us with accepting the fact that height and strong built does not matter. All what counts is the technical skills a footballer possesses.

In this article we’ll let you know about the Top 10 Shortest Football Players in the World who, with their not much height, have proved themselves as among the best footballers of the world. So here’s a glimpse of these players, with no fear and no hesitation of playing the game. Take a look and enjoy browsing!

Top Shortest Football Players in the World

Player #10: Alexis Sanchez

shortest soccer players
Sanchez – Chile

At number 10 of Top 10 Shortest Football Players in the World, we have Alexis Sanchez. With a height of 1.69 m, which is almost 1.70m, Alexis is rocking his life at age 27. Born in 1988, this Chilean footballer who plays for Arsenal is amazing at what he does and is a successful footballer as of now. According to research and analysis in 2014, this player has a salary of more than 11 million USD, which tells you more than one needs to know.

Player #9: Joe Allen

Shortest soccer stars

Right now aged 26…this young professional player on this list has a height of 1.68 m only. This roughly means that the player is 5 ft. and a little more than 5 inches tall. Born in the year of 1990,he is from Camarthen , UK and has been playing football professionally since he was 16 years old. Despite is height he is an amazing midfielder for Premier League club Stoke City. This is why Joe Allen bags the number 9th position on Top 10 Shortest Football Players in the World.

Player #8: Madson Formagini

Shortest football superstars

At number 8 of this list of Top 10 Shortest Football Players in the World, we have one of the best… Madson Formagini. If there’s a list for the short footballers who have made their names with their prodigious skill, Madison Formagini will be a sure shot to make the list. Born in 1986 at the football crazy Rio, Madson was a football prodigy in making even as he started his career participating in the ranks of the local youth clubs. With the prestigious names like the Vasco da Gama club where he was a popular face in spite of his inconsistencies, and also Santos afterwards, he has a career to boast.

Player #7: Levi Porter

Shortest football stars
Porter – Shortest footballer

Levi Roger Porter, the 29 years old Briton has shown with rigorous claim that size indeed doesn’t matter. With his 5 ft 3 inch modest height, this guy towers above many with his sheer magnificent skill .This is why Levi Porter deserves the number 7th position on this list of Top 10 Shortest Football Players in the World. He began his career on a high note with a one year extension contract with Leicester City. Being a product of the Leicester City youth system, he had a lot to offer. With a few more teams showing interest in his worthwhile career, Levi had finally joined the Shepshed Dynamo back in December, 2012 and has been quite a dependable part of the squad ever since.

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