Solo Goals in Football

Football is one of those thrilling sports played worldwide. Whether you talk about Real Madrid or Barcelona or even any other football club, you’ll grab some of the amazing playing moments. Football players with their exuberant playing style bedazzle the spectators and leave a permanent mark on their minds, making every bit of the moment much memorable.

Here in this article we bring to you something really exciting and a treat to watch. You better not waste anymore of your time, and scroll down to have a sneak peak of the Top 5 Most Memorable Solo Goals in Football of All Time. Have a great time browsing!

Top 5 Most Memorable Solo Goals in Football of All Time

Solo Goal #5 – Cristiano Ronaldo vs Fulham

This is one goal that held great importance for Manchester United, and left a booming effect on the team. With Sir Alex Ferguson’s Red Devils’s entry at Cravan Cottage, Fulham posed a great problem. It was when they were going 1-0 down to the home side and Criistiano Ronaldo smashed a goal in the goal post. This amazing piece of trick comes at number 5 on our list.

Solo Goal #4 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic vs NAC Breda

Anther worth watching result is found in the goal, Zlatan Ibrahimovic hit for Ajax in 2004. This Swedish has a bright career and has always shown his high potential in the game. His, this really well goal has left a memorable mark on the minds of many. He has been seen maneuvering in and out of the NAC Breda defence, exhibiting great tricks. He boggled the opponent with his never stopping pace. This solo goal is at number 4 on our list.

Solo Goal #3 – Neymar vs Flamengo

He exhibited his marvelous talent with hitting of the goal during Santos’ 5-4 defeat at the hands of Flamengo. His this effort won him the FIFA Puskas Goal of the Year Award which is a big achievement. He busted the defenders with the height up to which he lifted the ball. This youngster has led his team to a remarkable result and is at number 3 on our list of the Top 5 Most Memorable Solo Goal of All Time.

Solo Goal #2 – Lionel Messi vs Getafe

Lionel Messi is ranked among the top football players. His one great performances is seen when he picked up the ball on the halfway line and smashed the opponent in the 2007 Copa del Rey clash. It was a goal made that showed his finest work and brilliance. This Argentinian hero, with his proven abilities, has led his team to much success. His this amazing performance and piece of artwork is ranked number 2 on our list of the Top 5 Most Memorable Solo Goals of All Time.

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