Scandals in Cricket History

Scandals in cricket?!! Well, these three words sounds uncanny. Don’t they?? They do. But, yes, this is something right saying. The cricket world also faces such perplexed natured scenarios that leaves one with an inquisitive mind. However, there lies a big difference between the cricket scandals that take place off-fields and those which take place on field. Among the on-field cricket scandals the related incidents include ball tampering, match fixing, political protests, drug scandals and such.


Next on Scandals in Cricket History, All these damage the fabric of the game, and places a distasteful picture to remember. Here, in this article, we bring to you  Biggest Scandals In Cricket History. So take a sneak peak and have fun browsing!!

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Scandals in Cricket History
#7: Shane Warne Positive Test For Banned Drug, 2003

Some of Biggest Scandals in Cricket History

Shane Warne is one of the best leg spinner the world has ever produced. Besides his being a competitive cricketer, this Australian international cricketer has turned out a mischievous player in the world of cricket. He was banned from playing cricket for a year after he tested positive for a banned diuretic. In his defensive argument he stated that it was a pill his mother gave him for curing headache. However, later, he accepted that he took this fluid tablet to improve his appearance. And in the end he was guilty of taking this drug and was banned for one year from the cricket world.

#6: Pakistan Ball Tampering, 2006

On August 20, 2006, on the fourth day of the test match between England and Pakistan at the Oval, the umpires pointed out that Pakistan team had been involved in ball tampering. Though, there is no video clipping of the incident, and it can be said that the umpires accused Pakistani players of this act. The umpires called for changing the ball and, also, awarded 5 extra runs to England. After tea break Team Pakistan refused to enter the field. This resulted into a 2 hours no play, after which the umpires declared England as the winning team.

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